About The Vancouver Whitecaps!

This blog is written by a Vancouver Whitecaps fan.  Though the blog is written to record the blogger’s memories as a player and fan of football (footy for short), the epicenter is the blogger’s favorite team, the Vancouver Whitecaps.  The team which changed my life, the team which began a lifelong love affair with football, was the 1979 Vancouver Whitecaps team.



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  1. A Vancouver Whitecaps Fan Blog

  2. Cheers! I’ve linked you on my blog.

  3. you’re now linked to nuke soccer …

    good luck with your site …

  4. Hi,
    You have a great site, I’m really enjoying reading your articles.
    I have an offer I would like to make you, would you mind sending me an e-mail so I can fill you in on the details?


    Stef Oates
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    • Hi how are you doing?are you into soccer?can i know you more?where are you now? can you send me your phone number? thanks am waiting to hear from you for good relationship.

  5. I have a ton of videos of the old Whitecaps. Have you seen my web site? It is: http://www.DaveBrett.com

    From the 1979 playoffs, I have a video of the second leg of the Aztecs series, the second leg of the Cosmos series, and the Soccer Bowl. I have never found a tape of the first leg of the Cosmos series (the game played in Vancouver.)


    • Dave: i have bought some stuff from you. I have always wanted the Aztecs-Whitecaps Quarter finals from 1979 but I have been too lazy to get the money order together…

  6. Love your blog keep up the good work. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only person who thought the St.Louis game was boring.

  7. Great blog! I thoroughly enjoy reading it. Your game reports beat those one finds in the local newspapers. Please keep up the good work.

  8. Under BLOGROLL on the right, you have links to blogs like Pablo Policzer and Stadium Now that don’t even exist any more. Also Friends Of Soccer hasn’t been updated in a year, so it doesn’t really exist any more either. Why don’t you add a link to my site: NASL Whitecaps Videos: http://www.DaveBrett.com

    I’ll send you a DVD in exchange for a link.

    • Dave: Thanks for the comments. If you send me a DVD copy of the 1979 Quarter final and mini-game Vancouver Whitecaps v LA Aztecs I will certainly add a link to your site. If this is acceptable to you Please let me know and i will send you an address.

      Thanks for helping preserve soccer history!

  9. Sure. That’s fine. What is your address?

  10. Wanted to share this page with Whitecpas fans, just my attempt to create some noise in a hope that the union who workers run BC Place will not strike before our last game of the season on Saturday Oct 22nd. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bcgeu-please-dont-strike-B4-Whitecaps-last-game/242476615800861

  11. Re-discovered your blog recently…thank you for investing the amount of time and energy it must take you in order to share your passion with the rest of us.

    I particularly enjoy the close-up insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the team during the old NASL days.

    Intelligent, witty, and informative — an enjoyable read every time.


    • Thanks for your comments RR. I love the Whitecaps of the 1979 era. That was a magical time. Lets hope the team gets it right to bring another major soccer championship to our city.

      Keep on visiting and your further comments would be much appreciated.


  12. Vancoover Whitecaps best hockey team ever!!! Go Peter Beardsley best player for whitecaps ever and go Craig Forrest best Canadian Goalkeeper ever!

  13. Hello WhiteCaps Fan, I work with Monk McQueens and we would love to run a contest with you for our White Caps Pre Game warm up. Could you please send me an email so I can tell you about it?

  14. Hi there, my name is Farhan Devji and I’m a media relations intern with the Whitecaps. Looking into a few possibilities to get some bloggers involved. Mind sending me an email? fdevji@whitecapsfc.com.

  15. Hey all whitecap fans, Follow us on twitter and you can get a chance to win free front row tickets to the BC Lions game or whitecaps! https://twitter.com/VTTS

  16. Great blog! I enjoyed reading about the old Whitecaps.
    I was wondering if you had any way of contacting former Whitecaps player Terry Felix. I’m trying to find him for a story I’m writing.
    Any information would be extremely useful.


    • Sorry I don’t have his contact info. Felix was one of the best footballers Canada has ever produced. Too bad he was peaking just as the NASL folded. I use to train with him occasionally and played against him a number of times. Good luck finding him!

  17. Hi Whitecapsfan,

    I’m a reporter fort he Langara Voice, writing about Saturday’s game and Earnshaw’s impressive debut. I’d like to hear your perspective on what his addition to the squad means to to the team and the season going forward. I can be contacted at kelvin.l.gawley@gmail.com or on twitter @kelvinGawley Thanks!

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