Why I didn’t go to see Crystal Palace

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I am a football nut.  I can’t walk by a football match at any level without stopping to see what is going on.  I have been a season’s ticket holder for the 86ers and the Vancouver Whitecaps since 1998 or so.   So why didn’t I go see Crystal Palace play the Whitecaps? Especially after griping for years about no friendlies!

  1. No benefit to season’s ticket holders.  While I admit I made no enquiries directly of the ticket prices, the rumours floating around my section were that prices for our seats were more expensive than we pay for a Whitecaps MLS match.  Pay more for a friendly? No thanks.
  2. I went to see West Ham play in Seattle recently.  Though West Ham is my favourite English club, the team put on a poor show.  There were no names on the jerseys.  The players did not even bother to wave at the West Ham supporters section before they slunk off after an indifferent performance resulting in a 3-0 defeat to the Seattle Sounders.  The players and the coaching staff clearly didn’t care. It was a very bad reflection of the English Premier League brand and was a disincentive to attend to see another Premier league team in a friendly.
  3. The other rumour running around was that Palace manager Alan Pardew had made comments to the effect that fans here would simply flip over a Premier League side no matter which one it was, and that frankly, we wouldn’t know the difference between one team or another in any event.  More arrogance from the English Premier League!  We do know the difference and know that Palace are generally a quite unspectacular second division club, albeit one that has very recently become somewhat more ambitious.
  4. This was not really a Vancouver Whitecaps gig, but someone else’s.  The fact is this match was not really a Whitecaps initiative, it was just an event they had agreed to participate in.  The lack of control the Whitecaps had meant there was a lot of confusion in the marketing of the match.  When Manchester City came to town back in 2011, the match was a part of the season’s ticket package for the Vancouver Whitecaps.  That set a precedent and I found myself confused and bewildered by the crazy swing the other way where the match seemingly cost more than a Whitecaps match. The marketing of the match was very alienating.
  5. Fan fatigue.  The match timing was poor.  The Whitecaps have had three very recent home games  in close proximity.  I am tired!  If you have to skip one match of these four, then surely you skip the friendly before the other full-blooded matches.
  6. It’s only Crystal Palace.  Sure they are in the Premier League, but Palace is not a well known side outside of England.  I can remember reading about them in Shoot! magazine as a boy,  and they do have a cool name, but they are not really a team that sets the pulse racing.  Their only real claim to recent fame was that they were defeated in the most recent FA Cup final.  Boring!
  7. Top players missing.  In the run-up to the match it became clear that this would really be a reserves match.  Palace had many of their top players missing due to participation in the recent Euro 2016.  If we want to see any Palace players, those are the ones we want to see!  Pay more money to see second stringers play second stringers? No, thanks.

I am a huge football fan but all of these factors turned me off of this match.  I never really got any kind of convincing argument or persuasion from the Whitecaps or anyone else to rebut my feelings about it and to convince me that this match was worth attending.

Ultimately this was a case of poor timing, poor planning and poor marketing.  If the Whitecaps had more control over the enterprise and had given season’s ticket holders a tangible benefit, it could have been more successful.





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  1. you sound like a laugh!

  2. You sound like a West Ham fan. I’m sure you weren’t missed.

  3. palace are at best a second division team yet have numerous players who are internationals who went to the euro semi finals and finals……

    your logic makes no sense.

  4. You actually sound like a plastic fan to me! Not sure why I even bothered reading any of that dribble….

  5. I am a Palace fan you are talking about a different club. West Spam supporters cant out sing Palace fans and we are a family club. Our players do care about their supporters in London we are known to back the commuity. You are speaking a lot of rubbish. Jealous West Spam fan whos side let you down.

  6. I agree, and looking at the comments here, pretty sure I made the right decision to avoid sitting amoungst a group of euro snob wankers.

    • Well then. Everyone is happy. Keep up with current affairs we ain’t Europeans. And all that remains now is for you to do one.

  7. Thought that would get you some comments! Agree with much of what you say, but not all. After all I’m yer dad…Keep on writing what you feel!

  8. I see it had to come to abuse as a lot of west ham fans are thugs and it seems you have a behavior problem. Does your Mother know you treat people in this way ?

  9. I am hoping our supporters will not let our club down and stoop to your level.
    Palace had a fantastic trip to the USA and got on really well with each of the host clubs. By the way Great Britain voted to leave the europian union.
    We are British and thats all. Everyone has their say.
    I am sorry to see this post got ugly. The White Caps played very well which gave us a good game to watch. a draw was a fair result.

  10. I doubt any premier league team will back to play you lot anytime soon!
    You sound like the man United of the MLS!

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