Tired Whitecaps beaten 1-0 in San Jose

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It is a bit much to ask the players of a football team to play three matches in eight days with a long flight included.

There is a reason why teams in the English top flight play their third team in the League cup and their second team in the early rounds of the FA Cup. It is because too many games mean tired bodies and minds. For optimal performance, footballers should play one match a week, no more.

The Whitecaps had played LA the previous Saturday, Columbus on Wednesday, and then had to travel to the Bay area to play in the San Jose Earthquakes brand new stadium. The first two of these games was on the awful plastic pitch at BC Place, which takes a big toll on our player’s muscles and joints.

This match is hardly worth writing about because the Whitecaps did not create one shot on goal all match. It ended with our best player Pedro Morales getting sent off following a silly late match exchange of kicks to the body with one of San Jose’s strikers. At least we know Morales hates to lose! One has to question whether Morales should have been left on the pitch for 90 minutes for 3 games in a row in 8 days. I am sure Robbo is now kicking himself, especially given we travel to Salt Lake for our next match where Morales talents would undoubtedly be a benefit.

People have criticized Morales for not showing up but the poor guy was exhausted, and for good reason. He worked his ass off the previous Saturday and Wednesday night.

The match was a stalemate until San Jose scored in the 75th minute after a couple of chances where the Whitecaps were unable to clear the ball.

It was a poor match overall and not a good advert for MLS. It was a match best forgotten. While MLS mid-week games are relatively rare, perhaps MLS should take a look at the schedule and try to eliminate them. The fans vote with their feet, as the crowd at Wednesday’s Columbus match demonstrated. The crowd was 4,000 less than the match against the Galaxy on the previous Saturday.

San Jose’s new Avaya stadium reminded me of the dream of Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium from back in the day. The beautiful grass pitch in San Jose made me green with jealousy, and a bit put off that we will be watching the Whitecaps play on awful plastic grass for the foreseeable future.

While this was a bad loss in which the Whitecaps looked poor, I believe they had a good excuse. I am not worried at all by the result. It was only 1-0 after all.

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