Second half slumber sinks Whitecaps against TFC

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For five years now the Vancouver Whitecaps have had the privilege of playing their first game at home. In Major League Soccer playing at home is a distinct advantage. Squads like Toronto Football club face a five hour flight and a three hour time adjustment when they come to Vancouver. This, in part, explains why the Whitecaps have won their four previous opening day matches, which have always been against Eastern Conference opposition. With TFC signing some major talent in Jozy Altidore and Sebastian Giovinco to accompany Micheal Bradley I had the feeling this might be our first opening day loss. It was, as the Whitecaps went down 1-3.

Early in the match the Whitecaps were buzzing with new signing Octavio Rivero starting up top as the Whitecaps’ striker. Kekuta Manneh and Mauro Rosales played on the flanks with Pedro Morales at the bottom of the diamond. Canadian Russell Teibert and Matias Laba played midfield stoppers in front of a back line of Jordan Harvey, Pah-Moduo Kah, Kendall Waston and Steven Beitashour. The ever-present David Ousted started in goal.

Rivero scored his first... But what a miss!

Rivero scored his first… But what a miss!

TFC had a major overhaul in terms of their personnel in the off-season and early on they played like a team that did not know each other. The Whitecaps were rampant and had no difficulty in getting behind TCF’s flat back defence. Early on Russell Teibert got deep and crossed the ball right on the foot of Rivero who had an easy tap-in. Instead, he stepped on the ball and left it behind. We can thank our artificial turf manufacturers Polytan for that miss, and Rivero will now be condemned to being on YouTube under the “incredible misses” category. We would later wonder what the result would be had Rivero scored.

Soon after Rivero would make up for the miss, however, as a fine ball from Kah found La Cabeza running behind TFC’s high line of defence. Rivero ran for 30 yard on his own and put the ball through TFC keeper Joe Bendik’s legs to put the Whitecaps up 1-0 after 20 minutes. Rivero looked excellent in this match, but suffered from starvation in the second half because of a lack of service.

The high price talent of TFC struck back 12 minutes later when Giovinco managed to lose Teibert on the right side of the pitch. He headed for the middle and found Altidore in the box with a wonderfully deft pass; Altidore dribbled around Ousted and slotted home from the right of the goal. Altidore had managed to get on the blind side of both Watston and Kah, who were caught ball watching. Harvey saw Altidore’s run but reacted too late to do anything useful about it. This same mistake would be repeated by all in the second half.

Even though the Whitecaps had been pegged back to 1-1, they went into the half time break knowing they were unlucky not to be 2 goals up on TFC. It still looked promising for a win.

That's what money buys you. Altidore scores.

That’s what money buys you. Altidore scores.

The Whitecaps’ tea lady must have got the brew wrong during the half-time break; did she use Sleepy Time Tea instead of English Breakfast? Perhaps coach Robinson sang lullabies instead of giving a stirring speech. The Whitecaps came into the second half with none of the urgency they had so effectively used in the first half. TFC Coach Greg Vanney made some smart tactical adjustments, playing his whole team much deeper in defence, thereby neutralizing the Whitecaps’ ability to get behind their defensive line. Manneh consequently disappeared, as did Rosales. It was nothing but frustration in the second half as the Whitecaps created far less chances in the second half, and could not adjust their own tactics to meet TFC’s changes.

One would think that Vanney’s tactical move would have given Pedro Morales more room to play in midfield but our star player had a bad match overall. While he sprayed some magnificent long passes to the flanks, his short passing game in the middle of the pitch was abysmal. He gave the ball away time and time again. Worse still, Morales did not look match fit, and was probably one of the worst conditioned players on the pitch. Last year the excuse was that he had not had a break and was exhausted. Lets hope this game has helped him to get into shape. There is no doubt TFC’s new star Giovinco easily outplayed our star Morales.

While the Whitecaps misfired through the second half, TFC grew in strength. Justin Morrow got around Beitashour and crossed low for Robbie Findley to blast in to the Whitecaps’ net from close range after 60 minutes. As in the first goal, Kah and Waston were caught ball watching and were unaware of Findley’s blind side run between Kah and Harvey. Harvey again saw Findley’s run but was again too slow to react and chased him in vain. The fact is both Beitashour and Harvey looked easily beaten in this game, and if I were Sam Adekugbe and Ethen Sampson I would be getting butterflies because they might just be starting matches soon enough. The fact is too many Whitecaps put in sub-standard performances in the second half.

Through the legs and in... Rivero's first

Through the legs and in… Rivero’s first

TFC’s third goal came from a ball played right over the middle of the Whitecaps defence as Atidore got the better of Kah. Kah took a wild swing at the ball across Altidore’s body and brought him down. Altidore’s cheeky chip into the net on the penalty and his sarcastic celebration in front of the Southsiders brought him a beer shower as fans chucked their beverages at him. We will have to see what the club and MLS does about that one, but I would imagine some fans are going to lose their season tickets if they can be identified.

As the final whistle blew, we fans were left to ponder our first opening game loss in the Whitecaps MLS era. One fellow sitting in front of me joked “the season is over”. It all made me reflect on the fact that money does win soccer games as TFC’s high priced talent certainly was more effective in execution than our comparatively cheap squad.

Coach Carl Robinson must also look in the mirror; he was not able to match Vanney’s half time tactical shift. Robinson’s substitutes were more naive than effective as Laba and Rosales made way for Hurtado and Mattocks. The changes left the Whitecaps lacking in shape and intelligence, looking for all the world like a schoolboy team. TFC easily absorbed the “pressure” and saw the game out for a convincing win.

It is back to the drawing board for coach Robinson. Last year’s problem was a lack of goals, but this year’s problem would appear to be poor defending. The Whitecaps defence looked just as unconvincing as the team’s captain in this match.


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  1. Good summary although I am unwilling to blame the turf for Riveros first miss …he screwed up. He is a bargain basement DP compared to TFC’s DPs who had no problem with our turf. Also Robbo looked like the second coming of Martin Rennie.

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