Farewell Andy O’Brien

January 14, 2015 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps season 2015 | Leave a comment
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Andy O’Brien joined the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2012 and quickly endeared himself to the fans of the club. Andy, who played at centre-back, is the kind of player Canadians like: hardworking, tough, honest and fair.

Andy had fallen out of favour with his club Leeds United back in Old Blighty. Part of the issue was his struggle with depression. He needed a change, and our city was that change.IMG_8557

Vancouver, with its West Coast attitudes, had no problem embracing a fellow who had been open with his struggle with mental illness. In fact, it just made us love Andy more. The fact that he was open with his depression issues, and made an effort to educate people about mental health issues while he was here, just made him even more lovable still.

Andy did his job well here. If not for the strict salary cap in Major League Soccer, there may have still been room for him on the Whitecaps roster. I would be angry at the club for not signing him, but the salary cap rules force teams to make ruthless decisions where costs are concerned.

There is no doubt that O’Brien was worth every penny he asked of the Whitecaps, but finding the money he deserves proved too difficult.

Andy leaves a legacy of love and respect here in Vancouver. We will not forget the player and the man; he will always be welcome in our city.

Farewell and good luck Andy O’Brien!

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