Off-field antics overshadow MLS All star game

August 6, 2014 at 9:27 pm | Posted in General Football, Whitecaps season 2014, World Cup Memories | 3 Comments
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The Major League Soccer All-star game version 2014 was truly a farce.

How could a team of MLS All-stars possibly compete with the mighty Bayern Munich from Germany? By making them play on crappy plastic grass in Portland, that is how. The plastic pitch slowed down Bayern’s squad so much that the MLS mongrels could actually compete with them and beat them 2-1. It was a far better result from last years game held on natural grass when Italy’s Roma clearly outclassed the MLS all-stars 3-1.

If ever a game showed how bad plastic pitches are, this was it. After watching most of Bayern’s players in the World Cup play magnificent football on natural grass surfaces, the contrast with watching them play on plastic grass could not have been more stark. Portland’s plastic surface slowed the Bayern squad down so they could not play. Had the game been played on a proper grass pitch we would have seen a radically different scoreline.

In any event the play on the pitch was nowhere near as good as the antics off of it. Bayern Coach Pep Guardiola took exception to reckless tackles by MLS hackers Osvaldo Alonso and Wil Johnson on Bayern players Shaquiri and Schweinsteiger. Guardiola went after the fourth official and the MLS All-Stars coach Caleb Porter on the sideline looking for a fight after the tackles.

The match commentators played dumb and queried whether there had been a pre-match agreement between Bayern and MLS to avoid such tackles. No kidding, fools, it was undoubtedly in the contract! Bayern would already be concerned about injuries from playing on plastic, and then the MLS players started hacking their players down as if it were a real game. No wonder Guardiola was pissed off.

Watching Guardiola wave off Porter’s attempt at a handshake was more entertaining than anything the players came up with in this match. Guardiola then began instructing his players not to exchange jerseys with the MLS players. Bayern’s assistant coaches also refused to shake Porter’s hand. Poor Porter looked a bit hurt and shocked by it all.

It was a culture clash between precious European soccer royalty and the rough and tumble North American MLS culture. I can hardly wait to read the comments of Bayern officials in the news tomorrow.


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  1. “Congratulations to MLS for this victory,”… “I expect they [MLS] are going to invite us next year to make the revenge and I’m going to prepare a little bit better. Now we will be sure what’s going on, so we’ll prepare much better. Then we’ll do it. I hope our invitation is coming.”

  2. I enjoyed the game…there are no friendlies in soccer and if Bayern were expected the MLS players to lay off the tackles in “awe” of the Royalty…well we all know how much the US respected royalty in 1776…my only comment to Bayern and others who had issues with the MLS all star team style, the venue…”got an issue get a tissue”

  3. From the comment above, which I assume is from Guardiola, we may see a rematch next year!

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