Women star players right to condemn plastic grass

August 5, 2014 at 9:31 pm | Posted in General Football, Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps season 2014 | 4 Comments

Canada has won the right to host the 2015 Women’s World Cup. While this is cause for celebration, a number of star players, Abby Wambach and Nadine Angerer among them, have questioned why the Women’s World Cup gets plastic playing surfaces while FIFA would never dream of playing the men’s World Cup on anything but natural grass pitches.

One of the venues which will host matches is Vancouver, which has a plastic playing surface. The Vancouver Whitecaps play their home matches on the stuff.

While Canadian clubs and Canadian soccer have made huge strides recently, we still live in the soccer dark ages in certain respects. Fieldturf, Polytan or whatever name you put on plastic surfaces, are not surfaces upon which the higher levels of the game should be played. It is fine for training and for amateur games, but it simply is not good enough for either the men’s or the women’s World Cup or for professional matches.

The truth be known the fans of the Vancouver Whitecaps deserve better too. There is no excuse when you consider the ideal growing conditions of the Pacific Northwest that Vancouver, Portland and Seattle Major League Soccer teams have to play on plastic grass. It is embarrassing, in fact.

I agree with Abby Wambach et al. The top women players in the world deserve better. They deserve to play exclusively on natural grass pitches during next year’s Women’s World Cup.



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  1. Reality check..only one country bid for the womens world cup..Canada. Unless FIFA wants to foot the bill for transitioning pitches she should be asking why her USA with its numerous grass sradiums didn’t think the womens world cup worthy of a bid. The fact she pretty much has nothing positive ever to say about canada her opinion is meaningless to most Canadians.

    Wambach plays for a league team that has a turf field that hasn’t stopped her from collecting her paycheck.

    FyI the Pacific north west is just about the worst place for grass pitches. .there is a reason why they are all turf….rain.

    • If they can grow grass pitches in England , Scotland and Northern continental Europe we can do it here. No more excuses, give us grass pitches!

      • Quick rainfall numbers per year.

        Vancouver 1457 mm
        Seattle 1390mm
        Glasgow 800 mm
        London 601mm
        Manchester 807 mm

        Min 50% more and maybe some of the Scottish teams would not be bankrupt if they avoided the high maintenance fees of grass. I agree when the Pacific Northwest MLS teams hit the Manchester revenue levels then sure spend the money on a soccer specific stadium and grass maintenance.

        In the meantime wambach should be looking for ways to generate support for her league outside of the Portland Thorns

  2. Most of the rain in the pac NW falls in the off season. We played for years at Swanguard on natural grass. As for Wambach she is a superb player , one of many who hate the stuff. We should listen to the best players and give them the playing surface that will maximise their abilities. It is best for the players and the best for fans. Fans in The Pac NW deserve the best, not that plastic garbage.

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