Dallas draw exposes Whitecap’s shortcomings

July 28, 2014 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps season 2014 | 5 Comments

It was ironic that on the first match after rock steady veteran defender Jay DeMerit retired we had a match full of rookie errors.

Both Pedro Morales and Darren Mattocks scored goals in the 2-2 draw, which under ordinary circumstances would look good on both of them. Both embarrassed themselves with missed chances that should have been goals, and the consequence was we lost two more points at home.

Mattocks in particular had enough chances to score a hat trick, but disappointed time and time again with clumsy misses. While Morales had a game full of wonderful tricks and amazing passes, his inability to hit the net on multiple shots and his failure to finish late in the match with only the keeper to beat cost us crucial points.

The lack of finish in the final third just served to remind of the lost finishing power of Camilo, the Brazilian striker who would have scored on the chances which Mattocks and Morales squandered.

The one chance he finished

The one chance he finished

The match started well for the Whitecaps, who passed the ball well early on, and it was Gershon Koffie who put a perfectly weighted pass for Mattocks to run on to in the 11th minute. Dallas had no answer to Mattock’s speed and simply followed him as he stroked the ball home virtually unopposed. It looked like it was going to be a rout.

Dallas struck back ten minutes before the half when the Whitecaps were exposed on their right side. Whitecaps fullback Beitashour was beaten for speed by Hernandez who crossed from the touchline to Lloyd who came late into the box. Lloyd’s header hit the crossbar and bounced to Perez who finished. The Whitecaps flailed and flopped about to no avail. It was 1-1.

Comical inability at the front was matched by an unbelievable mistake by Carlyle Mitchell and David Ousted before the half. A high header from midfield was going to drop at the top of the box, and the intense and excited keeper Ousted came out in panic mode screaming for the ball. He appeared to startle Mitchell, who put his hand up in the air to shield himself from… uh, the ball. If the panicked Ousted had stayed in his net, Mitchell would have headed it back to him or away. It was a communication failure by Ousted, and an astonishing rookie mistake by Mitchell. I hardly need to point out that neither Jay DeMerit nor Andy Obrien would have done that. Mitchell’s mistake was simply astonishing; it was 2-1 on the penalty which Perez put to Ousted’s left.

What the...Mitchell's gaffe

What the…Mitchell’s gaffe

The Whitecaps replied after the half with penalty of their own as a surging Mattocks forced a handball in the box by Hernandez. This chance Morales did finish, and it was all level at 2 with the lion’s share of the half left; the stage was set for a Whitecaps win. The closest the Whitecaps came was from a Morales free kick that found Mitchell’s head in the box. Mitchell’s header hit the angle of the crossbar and the post. It was a spectacular miss, but a miss nontheless. Kekuta Manneh and Omar Salgado came on late to try to take the difference, but could not do so. The win which should have been never materialized.

Both Morales and Mattocks had the keeper at point blank range in the second half and could not finish. Dallas keeper Fernandez had a good match, but no keeper should have been allowed to stop some of the chances the Whitecaps had.

The Whitecaps are paying heavily for the youth and lack of experience in the squad. The young squad were found lacking on both sides of the ball. There was plenty of boyish enthusiasm on the pitch at BC Place, but what we need are some men who can actually finish the job.



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  1. Mattocks still has a long way to go before he deserves a starting spot. Still very immature as a player with lots to learn, assuming he is smart enough to learn. The first team is not the place to develop players.

  2. Are our owners flat broke or just not interested? This team has some glaring shortcomings that need to be addressed, but the ‘transfer committee’ seems to be on permanent vacation.

    • They say they are looking at brining in a centre back and have been linked to Roque Santa Cruz, As well as Ghanian striker Kwame Karikari. They aren’t just sitting on their hands, Transfer negotiations take time.

  3. Camilo scored his first of the season (teams second game) on Sunday…youtube nice finish.

  4. I agree with Richard but he’s closer to being ready than Eric Hurtado is. Yes, he scored 5 goals in a 3 week period but people forget he went approx 22 games before that with ZERO.I can’t believe he’s still starting when he creates nothing for his teammates and loses the ball constantly every game. I’m sure that other youngsters like Teibert and Salgado would love the opportunity Hurtado is getting and show much more creativity.

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