Bob Lenarduzzi set to redeem himself with Pedro Morales signing?

March 5, 2014 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps season 2014 | 1 Comment

Poor Bob Lenarduzzi has taken a lot of stick from fans of the Vancouver Whitecaps over the last two years.  As a Lenarduzzi loyalist, I have done my best to defend the man, who is a legend of Canadian soccer and a proven winner as a player, coach, and general manager.  

I will admit that my own faith in the man was shaken by the Camilo affair.  The off-season was very discouraging and frustrating, and was perhaps the darkest period since the Whitecaps joined Major League Soccer… until now. 

The mood has changed remarkably very recently.  Lenarduzzi and the Whitecaps have responded positively to the calls of the fans who said we should get some flair in midfield.  With the re-signing of Reo-Coker,  the recent singings of Laba and Mezquida, and today’s signing of Pedro Morales, we all of the sudden have great depth and strength in midfield.

It all looks like Lenarduzzi might just have saved his skin.  I, for one, hope so.  He might just bring us success in the MLS yet.  


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  1. This is his judgement year..if they make the playoffs then he survives…if they do not then clearly he needs to leave. He may have been a winner as a player but as a coach/manager that was at lower leagues where he will need to return to if he fails again. When they compared the whitecaps to Seattle he said “that was not fair they were a special case”, Then when Portland (a 2011 expansion sibling) wowed the league last year it started to imply that perhaps HE is the special case…2014 will determine this question. So perhaps he saves his ass …I hope for the teams and fans sake (not his) the season is a success.

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