DeMerit cements Whitecaps legend status with new contract

January 20, 2014 at 10:16 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps season 2014 | 1 Comment
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What better antidote could there be to the sleazy Camilo affair than news of Jay DeMerit signing a new contract for 2014?  Talk about a breath of fresh air! 

While Camilo’s departure combined the worst aspects of human nature, running the gauntlet from greed and deception on the one hand to incompetence and bungling on the other, Demerit’s signing reminds us that people aren’t all bad.   In fact, some are bloody marvellous.

The administration of the Vancouver Whitecaps, which has become known as “the Committee,” badly needed some good news after the humiliation of the Queretaro caper. The Committee has partially redeemed itself by proving it can actually act, and act in the best interests of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

With his signing, and by showing his determination to be faithful to the Whitecaps, Jay undoubtedly becomes a Whitecaps legend. After recovering from a horrible Achilles injury last year, Jay came back late in the 2013 season and played his heart out like he was never gone. Jay brings character, professionalism and a leading example to young players. With Jay back and young draftee Christian Dean being added, competition for the two centre back positions promises to be fierce. Perhaps the Whitecaps can now recapture the defensive solidity they displayed at the beginning of the 2012 season.

They are going to have to. With Camilo’s 22 goals taken away, and with the squad as it stands, our only hope to make the playoffs is by being excellent in defence. The big issue now for the Committee is how to replace those Camilo goals. Will Miller, Manneh and Salgado be able to make up for the loss? Can they be expected to when there is no play making midfielder to provide the passes?

We all know, however, that football is a defensive game first, and a team must be able to defend well in order to win. With DeMerit’s signing, this piece of the puzzle looks to be in place.


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  1. Your disparaging comments on Camilo in the second paragraphs are unwarranted. Anyone would and should jump at an opportunity that significantly improves one’s take-home pay and livelihood.

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