Knighton on his way, Heinemann stays put… I think

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The MLS rule book truly is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle. A week of so ago the Whitecaps appeared to release a bunch of players into a pool of players who were then eligible to be drafted by other teams. Two of these were goalkeeper Brad Knighton and striker Tom Heinemann. Today, however, it was announced that the Whitecaps had traded Brad Knighton to New England, and Tom Heinemann, by some mysterious process, is back in the Whitecaps fold having declined to be put into the re-entry draft. This apparently allows him to re-sign with the Whitecaps, although there appears to be no guarantee this will happen.

Confused? You bet. We can only keep the faith, however, and assume the priests know what they are talking about!

Superb performance? Trade him!

Superb performance? Trade him!

Brad Knighton is probably one of the most hard done by Whitecaps of recent memory. He became the chosen keeper in 2013 after number one Joe Cannon fell out of favour with Martin Rennie. He played very well and consistently until the big Dane David Ousted came on board and took his spot. It was not as though Knighton had committed any grave errors, in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Knighton put on one of the best performances by a Vancouver Whitecaps player in the MLS era on July 6 this year when he kept a seemingly impossible clean sheet against the Seattle Sounders at BC Place. This allowed the Whitecaps to win their first Cascadia derby in the MLS era. It was a historic event that would not have occurred without him. His reward was to be replaced and now traded away. It just doesn’t seem right.

A well deserved goal against Chivas

A well deserved goal against Chivas

Whatever Tom Heinemann’s status is, I hope he stays with the team. I can think of no other player on the squad who showed more joy and pride in being a Vancouver Whitecaps player, and no player who showed more passion during his time on the pitch. His injury time goal against Chivas USA in Early September saved the match by tying it up. It was well deserved reward for the “wolf man”. He had limited time on the pitch and needs to work on his timing, footwork and speed, but I think he is worth keeping in the squad because of his passion and work ethic. Lets hope he stays.


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