Time to unload Darren Mattocks

November 7, 2013 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2013 | 2 Comments

Darren Mattocks’recent diatribe against the Whitecaps on Jamaican television comes as no surprise. Even if his play was poor in 2013, Mattocks still thinks himself to be god’s gift to football; he is not.

Mattocks has feet of cement where his football touch is concerned. His passing and off-the-ball movement are poor, and he has only recently adopted an attitude that he has a role to play in defending.

To say that Mattocks has a swell head would be an understatement. He has complained that he should have been the first draft pick in the MLS draft (he was taken second). He credits himself with leading the Whitecaps in 2012. He had the most goals but he was no leader.

It is true that Mattocks was a revelation and showed great promise in 2012. We all had high hopes for him to lead the team in 2013. In 2013 he was a real disappointment. He got plenty of starts at the beginning of the 2013 but scored only one goal. He then typically came in off the bench. True, he did need to miss games due to injury, and he did score one crucial goal to help us beat Seattle at home, but he only scored three goals this season.

One of Mattocks' 3 goals this year

One of Mattocks’ 3 goals this year

The fact is that Mattocks got plenty of opportunity to contribute in 2013 but his play was poor: he slipped from being our presumptive top striker to being a distant fourth by the end of the season. He had no one to blame but himself: the other guys (Miller, Camilo and Manneh) were better. He was so poor he was reduced to being a substitute behind newbie Cory Hertzog for a number of games.

The Whitecaps actually played football this year, meaning the “Hail Mary” pass over the top for Mattocks to run on to was not the only play the team had up its sleeve. Because of this, Mattocks sulked while the team passed the ball around him. He did not seem to know what to do, nor did he seem to want to be a part of it.

The Whitecaps will soon find out from MLS whether Mattocks’ salary, which is in excess of 200,000, is to be counted against the Whitecap’s salary cap. By his performance this year, it is safe to say that paying more than $200,000 to a guy with a bad attitude playing poor football is not worth it.

If Mattocks’ salary is to be counted against the salary cap, the Whitecap’s money is better spent elsewhere. Unless we get him for free (meaning his salary does not count against the salary cap), it is time to unload him.


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  1. I agree

  2. What a sad state of affairs but not the first time we have seen a sparkling young football talent derailed by a sense of entitlement, a poor work ethic and a complete lack of character. Tales of Mattocks’ unwillingness to accept coaching and guidance have circulated all season at both club and country level and it is now clear that he is marching to his own, off-the-beat drummer. Perhaps we will see him move on and blossom in a different situation but I think that the dark cloud hanging over this young man is smoke coming from burnt bridges that will not be easily rebuilt in Vancouver, at any rate.

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