Brazilian desperation beats Spanish tika-taka in Confederations Cup final

June 30, 2013 at 6:14 pm | Posted in General Football, World Cup Memories | 2 Comments

Today’s Confederation’s Cup final may have seen the end of the Spanish reign at the top of the football world. Brazil beat Spain 3-0. It was an extraordinary final, and it was clear that both teams were keen to win. Today, however, the Brazilian will to win was greater than the Spanish.

The Confederation’s Cup is supposed to be a mere appetizer for the following year’s FIFA World Cup, (which is to be held in Brazil), a chance for the host nation to get its logistics and technology right. It was clear Brazil were desperate to win this final in any event.

Part of Brazil’s desperation arises from the past, and part from the present. From the past, Brazil is desperate to atone for losing the World Cup it lost at home to Uruguay in 1950 by winning next year’s World Cup; from the present, it needed to end the Confederations Cup tournament on a positive note given the massive protests in Brazil which have condemned the large expenditure of public money going to the World Cup and the Olympics, while ordinary Brazilians fail to see any benefit.

Poor Spain was no match for this emotional cocktail. Spain attempted to play its usual cool “tika-taka” style, keeping possession and slicing through the other team with short passes and smart off the ball running. For the first time in a long time, we saw a team that was well able to cope with Spain’s style of play, frustrating it until it was thoroughly beaten.

Brazil’s eleven refused to stand back and watch Spain play with their mouths agape as most teams do; they harried Spain and forced them to give up possession, and what is more, they could read Spain and anticipate what they were going to do. Finally, a team has figured out how to stop them. This could spell the end of the Spanish dominance in football, and Spain will have to get back to the drawing board if they wish to go down as the greatest team in history by winning two consecutive World Cups as well as two consecutive European Nations Cups.

Brazil won today by playing a direct and open style of football, putting the Spanish defence under intense pressure with tremendous speed, especially from Neymar. Though Spain had the ball more than Brazil did, Brazil were able to attack Spain’s goal in a quick, relentless fashion, forcing Spain to get into card trouble with professional fouls.

Brazil have achieved what they wanted from this tournament, not just by winning it, but by winning it in the manner they did. The atmosphere in the Maracana Stadium was incredible; it was filled with 70,000 passionate fans. The Spanish team looked intimidated, and by the second half they played the match in a cold and technical way, devoid of any real passion. They were stunned by the crowd and the Brazilian will to win. Brazil have sent a message to the football world: nothing less than winning the World Cup next year will do, and the team (if not the nation) is united to win it.

Today Brazil struck fear into the hearts of the world’s national football teams travelling there next summer. They must all now know it will take a miracle to beat Brazil in next year’s World Cup.



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  1. Germany will win next year. Faster, more creative than Brazil.

    • European teams have a hard time in South American World Cups… But Germany are a threat… Great team

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