Kenny Miller set to do a runner on the Vancouver Whitecaps?

May 20, 2013 at 8:31 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2013 | 4 Comments

News out of Scotland has Vancouver Whitecaps striker Kenny Miller leaving the Whitecaps and returning to Rangers in Scotland for a third stint. Our highest paid player has been laid up with a “hamstring injury”, but is this just the official story? What seems clear is that, even if injured, Miller has used his spare time carrying on an affair with his old lover while the Whitecaps were looking away.

Kenny Miller showed up last year mid season, and like many overseas players, he probably thought playing in MLS would be easy. He soon found out life here is not easy. He was out of shape, his timing was off, and, for a striker, his finishing was positively dreadful.

Whose side is he on?

Whose side is he on?

It looked like Miller was making efforts to redeem himself in the first two matches of this year. He was fit, sprinting the length of the pitch to defend, and he had a goal to his name. The story read like a man who wanted to show Vancouver Whitecaps fans he was ready to put things right and play a great season for us. It looks as though we were fooled.

It now looks like the efforts were not for us but for scouts overseas, if we are to believe the Scottish papers.

Whitecaps fans are not to be trifled with. Miller and the Whitecaps should clarify the situation and tell us whether he is playing for us or for people back in Scotland. If Miller would rather play Scottish football in the second division against East Fife and Forfar instead of a higher calibre of football in the MLS, lets get rid of him now and get our money back so we can get a serious footballer who is committed to playing for our team and its fans.

If Miller wants to stay and play for the Whitecaps then lets get a public statement to this effect from him. We should then get him back on the pitch doing something for all of that money we pay him, and for Vancouver Whitecaps fans who have held high hopes for him this season.



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  1. Unacceptable for a player to go abroad to recover – even during recovery he hs to be on site to observe and bond with “his” team!

  2. He played well in his 2.3 games but with his glass him

  3. If he wants to take a pay cut to play 2nd tier footy in a place even more damp than Vancouver… we should cash in for a nice little transfer fee, and the 1.2 mil offload. He looked like a new man for the couple chances we got to see him this year, but I’ve had enough of the Scottish experiment now… and even Rennie is starting to grate on me to some degree…

  4. Fortunately he has now officially denied these rumors

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