Football disaster for Whitecapsfan!

May 16, 2013 at 8:29 am | Posted in General Football, Whitecaps Season 2013 | 6 Comments

I had the worst posible footy day yesterday. I had recently made a note to self which said I must watch the Europa League final between Chelsea and Benfica. It looked like a very interesting match. I didn’t want to miss a final with an English team in it. I also fully intended on watching the Whitecaps and Montreal Impact in the first leg of the Canadian final. I dashed home and turned on the television. I went to all of the sports channels and all I could find was the Toronto Blue Jays and the San Fansisco Giants. I got my iPad and looked to the Whitecaps site. It said I could watch the match on Sportnset One. I turned to Sportsnet One and it was the Toronto Blue Jays verses the San Francisco Giants. At this point the veins were popping out on my forehead. It turned out you needed HD to watch the match which I don’t have.

Then, while I was flipping around Sportsnet on the web I noticed they had played the Europa League final that day and I had missed it. I missed both matches.

What a disasterous day. The only consolation was reading Alan Errington’s hilarious twitter messages about the Whitecaps match.



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  1. Maybe just as well! The finale of the europa league was greatest of soccer, i heard, but the wc/impact match would have upset you big time during the final 20 minutes! The caps hardly could get a hold of the ball. They were not so bad during the first half but seem to be unable to find eachother when close to goal. The impacts, on the other hand, played some excellent setups up front, but defense and knighton saved them from total defeat.

    • Thanks Hans. I will have to pay better attention next time. My biggest fear is missing a Whitecaps match and the nightmare came true…

  2. I been there. The impact game…well the line up was strange but I must admit it worked. They played mattocks up to force the impact to keep two defenders back . Then it was 9 guys playing bunker ball against 8 attackers . The impact simply could not break them down. The impact forced one good save from knighton and in fact Watson and rochat forced key saves and we almost could have stolen win. It was never a case of the caps hanging on they simply shut Montreal down. It was first step in cleaning up our shoddy defense on the road. It wasn’t pretty but who cares it worked brilliantly.

  3. My sympathies on missing the match… But what better impetus now to make the move to HD? I remember getting our HDTV just in time for the 2010 W.C. in South Africa. Mesmerizing. Truly stunning. If you’re still watching sports in low-def, you’re missing out big time.

    • I know… All of my buddies tell me the same… I am just too cheap to do it!

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