Daft in Dallas: Martin Rennie drops more points

April 21, 2013 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2013 | 1 Comment

We knew it was going to be a tough match going into Dallas. Dallas are hot right now, sitting on top of the Western Conference. They are a big squad with plenty of talent to boot. Adding to the challenge, Kenny Miller and Daigo Kobayashi were unavailable for selection on the night. Even with these disadvantages, we took plenty of talent down to Dallas, but unfortunately our coach parked it all on the bench and chose inferior players instead. The result was an embarrassingly bad effort by the Whitecaps and a 0-2 loss.

Coach Martin Rennie’s team selection again boggled the mind. It was as if he had decided to purposefully throw the match. Koffie, Mattocks and Camilo sat on the bench while Teibert, Hurtado, Heinemann and Watson started. Was he hoping to save players for the “big” midweek match against Edmonton? Surely the reverse should have occurred. The morale in the squad is clearly shot. Before the match the players already looked beaten; they looked shocked themselves at the team selection. The Whitecaps played like a team that was picked to lose. It was a disgrace and an embarrassment to the team. How long are the Whitecaps going to to put up with this?

The Whitecaps looked like a bunch of zombies on the pitch, with the exception of veterans YP Lee, Nigel Reo-Coker and Joe Cannon, who were excellent. If Cannon was not on form it would have been a blow-out.

What the hell is he doing???

What the hell is he doing???

Whitecaps were so poor the match is hardly worth writing about.

Last year Martin Rennie took a good team that was playing well at the beginning of the season, made changes, and took them to being next to the worst team in the league. He is quickly doing the same thing this year. I now rate Rennie as below Tommy Soehn as a coach. The team is starting to have the same look about them as the dark days of the 2011 season. Rennie seems unable to pick the best team and put them on the pitch with a plan to win matches. The problem does not lie with the players; there is plenty of talent in the squad. The problem is that our coach does not know how to use the talent available to him.

When the Whitecaps hired Martin Rennie they took a gamble on a man who had a good record in lower league football but no MLS experience. To me, the gamble has failed and it is at least time to start looking for a new manager with some high level professional experience.

If we do not have any success in the next two matches, the Whitecaps must act to save the season by firing Martin Rennie.


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  1. “Whitecaps were so poor the match is hardly worth writing about.”

    I concur. Not so sure the leash should be limited to just the next two matches, but there is plenty to worry about. What I find most troubling is that I don’t think Martin Rennie’s an idiot. If I did, that would explain everything, and I could sleep well. So, why the df move in Dallas? What’s his plan? It doesn’t look like he has one, but he’s gotta have something up his sleeve… Either that, or he’s the best bullsh*t artist to ever have coached in the MLS.

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