Whitecaps Reserves loss to UBC raises eyebrows

March 15, 2013 at 5:44 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2013 | 5 Comments

What?  How could the Vancouver Whitecaps reserves, a team of professional footballers, lose 3-0 to a local university side? 

I was away this week in San Diego, (former home of NASL’s the San Diego Sockers, now an indoor team), and I thought I would check to see the score of the reserves match.  I could not believe my eyes.  I know that UBC is a good team in a good program, and had all of the motivation to put on a good show against the Whitecaps, but the thrashing they served up is an embarrassment to the Vancouver Whitecaps.  

While the Whitecaps communications folks did their best to dress it up by pointing out a number of the UBC team were formerly in the Whitecaps system (making it appear that the Whitecaps were claiming victory when they had, in fact,  been beaten), there was no dressing it up: the Whitecaps reserves should feel ashamed of themselves.  

Martin Rennie did his best to see the positive side in interviews with the media.  I can only imagine what he said to the reserves in the dressing room.  I hope he tore a strip off of them for bringing such shame to the club.  How any of these guys can expect to start in the first team is beyond me when they can’t beat the local schoolboys.  

Lets look at some of the names of the players who played in the match: Camilo, Leveron, Harvey, Watson and Knighton.  How the Whitecaps could lose with a spine of professionals like that is beyond me; I can only assume there is a lack of pride or some other attitude problem.  

Players can sulk if they are not getting into the first team, but one thing they can count on is they will never play for the first team unless they show themselves worthy in reserves matches.

Rennie said there was nothing on the line when interviewed about the match.  What about the pride in wearing a Vancouver Whitecaps shirt? This is a pathetic excuse.   Does he really think the fans aren’t watching and don’t care? 

From the result in this match, the Whitecaps reserves look as though they will  remain reserves.  Why are these players even showing up if they don’t care? 


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  1. That a team of full time paid professionals should be so badly beaten by a CIS team is certainly an embarrassment to both the club and the players involved – what were they thinking? There is no such thing as a meaningless match for any self-respecting footballer, more especially those who are paid to play the game full time and aspire to make the starting lineup of an MLS club.

  2. It was an embarrassment, no question about it. I expected UBC to put up a fight to show that they had some quality, and well done to them for winning the match, but after all the buzz about our squad this year, I was shocked at the result. Perhaps the players thought it was just going to be a stroll in the park? Tough one to live down.

  3. if it is such a for gone conclusion that they are expected to win, what is even the point in playing this game? UBC are clearly going to go into the game wanting to win and be up for it, the pro’s are hardly going to be dying to beat a team of ‘schoolboys’ as you put it. That is their problem though, so a lack of motivation mixed in with some probable sulking from the whitecaps, a bad day by them and a good one from UBC and this is the result. big deal, upsets happen. If it was a competitive match though, i think it would be a far different story. It’s a friendly, the results are for the most part meaningless when you are 2 teams competing with such differing levels of motivation and determination.

    • If a player is a professional and not playing for the first team, there should be no such thing as a friendly for that player.

      • Agreed fully. Borrowing the words from my favourite footy flick “There IS no tomorrow, Santiago…”

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