Bland is the colour: The Whitecaps 2013 kit

February 27, 2013 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2013 | 6 Comments

The Vancouver Whitecaps today unveiled their new home jersey for 2013. Again, the tradition of the team and the uniform it wore has been ignored. The only echo of the classic kit the team wore from 1979 through 1984 is on the team’s third jersey which is…brown. The team’s uniform and its logo are still unforgivably bland. How Adidas and the Whitecaps can continue to ignore the team’s classic jersey is beyond me.

When you have a classic, stick with it! Work with the theme of the classic jersey as other clubs have done. Look to inter Milan, AC Milan, Celtic, Manchester United and Arsenal to name a few. They stick to the theme of their classic kits, making variations on the theme for each year. Why can’t the Whitecaps do this?

At least we are not alone. Major League Soccer’s deal with Adidas to kit out all of its teams ensures each team will have a uniform which is just as bland as the next. The elimination of competition allows Adidas to produce poor product with no consequences.

Bring it back!

Bring it back!

The cost of one of these awful jerseys is enormous, adding insult to injury. I won’t be buying one, that’s for sure. Why would I spend loads of money on such poor design? Again, as a long time fan of the Vancouver Whitecaps going back to 1979, I am stuck with buying old retro kits from other sources than the club itself.

It is time to introduce some competition to get Adidas off its ass to produce some good kit. Whoever is in the Whitecaps own design team working with Adidas should be fired.

Yet another very poor showing by the club.



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  1. You are spot on the golden era of soccer in Canada is being shut out by the current Whitecaps. Retro uniforms are in every sport in North America. The Whitecaps and MLS do a great job of dimissing the past only the timbers jersey looks a little bit like the timbers of the old NASL. The Whitecaps have Carl Valentine not because he is a reminder of what soccer was in its heyday in Vancouver, because he is a friend of Bobs. Bring back the heros of the past and more important the uniform of the Whitecaps or call yourselfs Vancouver FC

  2. Absolutely agree with you in all respects. I suspect the single-entity structure of MLS has a lot to do with it too – uniformity (if you’ll excuse the pun) to such a degree that it’s become bland. Whenever I picture the Caps, it’s in the ’79 kit, and I always will. That kit was in the top 25 in the world, even if the club has never been even close to that level.

  3. I don’t agree with you on this issue. I like the WHITEcaps in white and it evokes images of Leeds United and Real Madrid for me. All white is a classic look, clean, elegant and effective. I might consider the classic kit you are promoting for the away strip but, once again, it is WHITEcaps, not blue caps.

  4. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do a tribute jersey next year during their 40th anniversary?

    • Good point, LN. I hope that’s the plan.

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