Major League Soccer officials rob Vancouver Whitecaps yet again

November 1, 2012 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2012 | 5 Comments

One theme of the Vancouver Whitecaps 2012 season has been the manner in which the incompetence and bungling of MLS officials has pulled the Whitecaps down. Tonight it was the job of referee Silviu Petrescu who provided the result that MLS wanted: The Los Angeles Galaxy, with its glamour trio of Beckham, Donovan and Keane, are going through to the next round of the MLS Playoffs at the expense of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

It was simply too dangerous to let the players decide the match.

In the critical play of the match came with the teams tied in the second half at 1-1. Landon Donovan launched himself into Martin Bonjour, who was looking the other way and had no idea Donovan was there, and then threw himself to the ground in the penalty area as though he had been shot. Petrescu went towards Donovan with his hand in his shirt pocket. I was certain he was about to book Donovan for diving. But no, he called a penalty and carded Bonjour. Simply astonishing.

I used to praise Donovan for his play but after his cheating like that, I won’t write another good word about him. Petrescu’s bungled call gifted the Galaxy with a 2-1 advantage in the 75th minute they would not relinquish. The Whitecaps are out of the playoffs because of that call.

Petrescu should watch the replay and hand his resignation in to the MLS for that call. Donovan sure played him for a fool. It was a poor call by an official who, like many MLS officials, was not up to the job of calling such an important match.

What made it worse was that Petrescu later missed the trailing leg of an LA defender bringing down Thorrington in the Galaxy’s 18 yard box right in front of him.

The fact is the level of play in the league has gone well beyond the ability of MLS officials to competently judge.

Call it the crisis of officiating in MLS, or call it what you like, but I am tired of the sheer incompetence of MLS officials, and I am tired of the lack of justice for the Vancouver Whitecaps.



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  1. Silviu Petrescu is a taciturn clown who couldn’t manage a parking lot let alone a football pitch. That said, the moment Miller was subbed on and De Merit left the pitch due to injury, we lost the match. LA was pressing so valiantly that our moat was being filled in with dead bodies, it was only a matter of time before they stormed the gates. We lost because, we’re not good enough. Yes YP, Watson, Knighton, De Merit, and Koffie (just to name a few) are phenomenal, however victory has alway been about mitigating your weaknesses and the likes of Miller and Rennie’s line-ups selections (Richards and Camillo on the bench, Fckme) is ultimately what sunk us.

    So my recommendation is to put away the conspiracies and pick up an anthropology textbook, because this team has no cohesive identity and therefore I can only assume has no real leadership and as such will continue to lag behind all other teams. Confidence comes from tightly-woven team that gains strength from one another. The Scottish experiment has turn us into anything but.

    Looking forward to next season though. Fan forever.

    • I completely and totally agree with this comment. Rennie once again showed his stubborn/ego with this his DP disasters. He will be a great coach when he can admit when he is wrong. As for the ref he blew the first penalty on donovan…it was a penalty. You knew any ref will be looking to even it up…If mattocks stays in he buries that sitter that miller so pathetically shanked. That puts us up 2-0

      • And then the ref gives the make up call 2-1 we lead at that point. MILLER AND ROBSON must go.

  2. What is with the MLS and sending Petrescu to ref VWFC again and again. He hates our team and has a mission against anything not TFC. He is way way out of his depth in MLS, did anyone else notice the gesture he gave to Y.P. Lee while he booked him? That is embarrassing. He does not need to get involved with players in such a way, this highlights his very amateurish nature in the way he “manages” the game. The other non-call which really got me was the foul by Becks on Thorington when he kicked right through his leg, should have been a yellow for sure. Or, when a CB came through with an elbow on Mattocks, should have been nearly a red card and I think LA got the call the other way, what a joke!

    PS Rennie was poor in his team selection as well, come on! 5 central midfielders (well 4 plus a LB in Rochat), where is the width? There was no outlet in this game at all.

  3. What about the missed peno for LAG in the first half? Come on blaming the refs shows you know nothing about the game!

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