The triumphant return of Whitecapsfan

October 16, 2012 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2012 | 1 Comment

I have returned as promised! I had a great trip in France and Morocco. It is good to be back home to support the Whitecaps.

I did follow the team on my iPad where wifi was available, and watched from afar with interest. I winced when I saw the hi-lights with Colorado, and cursed coach Martin Rennie’s tactical naivete when he took Martin Bonjour out and moved Alain Rochat back from midfield into central defence. One position you do not gamble with in professional soccer is central defence. It was too much to ask Rochat, whose comments after the match reflected his own amazement at such a dumb move by his manager, to readjust during a match in a position he does not play well in to begin with. Rochat’s mistake after this dumb move led to the match being tied, putting our playoff chances in further jeopardy.

I also winced when I saw the hi-light of Camilo’s injury time miss in the Pacific Northwest derby against Seattle. I was glad I missed the match because if I was at BC Place to see that I think I would have died an agonizing death on the spot.

Thank god the team got its act together to convincingly beat the worst team in Major League Soccer, Chivas USA, by a score of 4-0.

Lucky for us our bungling against Colorado and Seattle was equalled by Dallas FC’s own bungling against Chivas USA, and consequently we sit poised to be the first Canadian franchise in MLS to make the playoffs.

A win against Portland on Sunday will do it for us. I am ready to cover the match with a freshness that can only come after a vacation. The match should be a win, as the Timbers have had a very bad year, and are already eliminated from the playoffs. They will have a large following from Portland as usual, however, so they will be playing for pride in front of their travelling fans.

I am bringing my party hat with me because I believe we will win this match and make the playoffs. The Whitecaps front office have shown some hubris by selling tickets to the phantom playoff games which we are still a long way off of qualifying for. Lets hope they haven’t jinxed it all! I am not worried about my credit card being used however.

Even if we make the playoffs, we will have to get past a very good team away from home in a one match shoot out (most likely the LA Galaxy). Given this reality, we should enjoy what I predict will be the last home game of the season on Sunday.


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  1. Glad you’re back refreshed. After watching the Canadian MNT today vs Honduras, I might just go at least the next 10 WCFC matches without saying they played a stinker.

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