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  1. All too true! The only good thing is that once a team jumps on the third kit bandwagon, you know that their marketing department will be pushing for new versions every other year or so — probably earlier than that in the WC’s case.

    I spend a good deal of time in and around a soccer milieu in the lower mainland, and rarely do I see the UPS jersey anywhere.

    Probably the worst overall performance of the year on Wednesday, and now four games on the road — where the Caps have played less than stellar. Good thing we’re getting Mattocks and Richards back just in time — DeMerit still questionable.

    • Funny, I
      Love St Pauli’s uniform which is predominantly brown, but that is their color… It’s not ours!

      • Just have to follow up on the uniform thing. I remember some goof posting here that the WC’s third kit was the hottest selling jersey on the MLS website. That’s funny… because the Caps have a promo going at the moment — buy the poo-brown one, and you get 50% off one of the decent blue or white ones. Yeah…I’m sure they’re selling like hotcakes over at the MLS site….

  2. Millar is a failure…I know people will say its early…give him time….he is a DP…and asvwith Hassli…sorry no get out of jail free card….he us crap and Rennie needs to get out of Scotand …..MacJarju

    • that was only his first start. I am similarly outraged by his lack of… well doing stuff, but give him a bit more time. that being said he’s the most expensive whitecap in history and he was the main reason my favorite player (hassli) was traded. if he does not improove before the end of the season it may be time to buy the torches and pithforks.

      • The Seattle game is over, another playoff-run crushing loss. Kenny Miller is not evolving like Barry Robson (who should shut his f*ckn mouth on the pitch) and to put acid on an open wound, he’s a STRIKER from EUROPE who can’t strike if his life/career depended on it. Hassli may have been a hot mess but at least he provided enough heat up front to at least scare the opposition. Kenny Miller looks like my postman. And he plays like it as well. Impress us Kenny!! This will be the first big chink in Rennie’s armour. Rennie got romanced by Robson, a fellow countryman, over some frothy pints and brought in an absolute dud. I fear that swapping Hassli, though I love the courage and bravado of such a move, for Kenny may have cost us our first post-season.

  3. Late to the table here but the Brown kit is an embarrassment. Marketing gone to far .. arbutus brown! my A$$ … every time I see a nice dark kit with light blue accent it it pisses me off more 🙂 I actually asked a guy in the kiosk last game “how bad of a failure has the brown kit been?” .. he answered “we’ve sold some” with a smirk .. then said quietly “disappointing” .. oh well .. only a third kit that hopefully is gone next season

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