Give referee Pederson a Canadian jersey

August 7, 2012 at 10:23 pm | Posted in General Football | 1 Comment

It used to be customary for players from each side to exchange jerseys after a big match. Yesterday’s big match was the semi-final for the right to play in the gold medal game at this year’s London Olympics. Canada lost 4-3. Norwegian Referee Christiana Pederson played such a large role in handing the win to the US team she should get one of our jerseys as our opponent on the night, because she may have well been playing for the US team. Unfortunately we had eleven players whereas the Americans had twelve.

Our Canadian women played superbly, only to be undone by bizarre calls by Pederson. Sadly, it is a part of Canadian football that referees think they can get away with making bad calls against our teams. How many times have we seen this before? The referees think Canadians don’t care about what happens where soccer is concerned so they can afford to curry favour with the bigger teams from more powerful football nations. This kind of bias can be seen often at the World Cup and in many domestic leagues; referees become so enamoured with the size and influence of the bigger clubs and teams that they become their fans and make calls in their favour. They hope to curry favour with the establishment so they will get to call bigger and bigger games. Don’t be surprised to see this referee getting more big games because of her decisions yesterday. The football establishment will see to that.

Effectively, I feel Canada was punished for putting Great Britain out of the tournament. Beating Great Britain was not the script as it was written, and to let Canada beat the US was unthinkable.

The free kick that resulted in a penalty on the next play was a travesty of refereeing. American keeper Hope Solo was seen earlier in the game holding the ball just as long if not longer than our keeper Erin McLeod but did not get called. This is grossly unfair.

As for FIFA and their threats,they should get their corrupt hands off of Canada and make sure that competent referees are put in charge of the big matches.

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  1. i agree.!

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