Whitecaps lose to Fire amidst Miller Rumours

July 16, 2012 at 5:46 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2012 | 1 Comment

A brutal five game road trip yielded a measly four points for the Vancouver Whitecaps, but at least it is over. The Whitecaps still sit in fourth place in the Wetern conference with a four point cushion over the surging LA Galaxy, and with an eight point gap over Colorado, A team which is slumping even worse than the Whitecaps.

The road trip started with Davide Ciumiento and Sebatian Le Toux, and ended without them. The loss of both of these players showed in Chicago. A clearly exhausted Whitecaps squad plodded their way through this game. The whitecaps did create two great chances, one by Mattocks and one by Eric Hassli, who showed he can head the ball after all. The Whitecaps did not show any real inspiration going forward, however, and this game proved the Whitecaps still lack a talented passing midfielder.

Mattocks played Camilo as he drew a foul by diving onto opponent Arne Friedrich, who got sent off for nothing. In the end the Whitecaps could not break down a stacked Chicago defence, however. We got a look at Dane Richards, who showed a tremendous pace.

The whole game made me think about how these long road trips coupled with midweek games results in mediocre matches. It is great for home teams, who get to beat travel weary opponents, but it does not produce good quality football. Major League Soccer should do something about this insane schedule. I would rather see less games if it meant seeing more high quality matches with properly rested players.

The game was overshadowed by rumors of the possible signing of top Scottish player Kenny Miller.

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  1. those are no longer rumours. seems like a good player but not necesarlliy the one we need right now. from watching highlights (which definatly does not make me an expert) it looks like he scores a lot of goals by finishing off nice build up plays. something that is decidedly lacking in vancouver. if we can’t create any chances I don’t think adding another striker will help scoring.

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