Le Toux no great loss for the Vancouver Whitecaps

July 14, 2012 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2012 | 3 Comments

The Vancouver Whitecaps traded Seb Le Toux to the New York Red Bulls yesterday. In my view this is not a great loss to the club. Sebby’s attributes as a footballer are that he is incredibly fit and can run all game at a high rate of speed. That is where it ends, however.

A professional footballer should be able to trap and pass the ball. Le Toux has very poor abilities in this regard, and his touch as a footballer is virtually non-existant. A striker should be able to beat the last man and the goalkeeper to score. There were more than a few occasions this season when Seb was in alone or virtually alone on the keeper but did not have the quality to finish. In fact, his missed opportunities were quite shockingly bad.

To his credit, Le Toux worked very hard and did pot a few goals in the Whitecaps jersey. He really was not the player we expected, however. As can be said of a number of players in the squad, he looked unhappy in the role he was assigned by Coach Martin Rennie. The fact is that Le Toux is more of an out-and-out striker than an attacking midfielder. Rennie clearly does not like strikers much; he plays so few of them.

If we are gong to play a five man midfield we need a guy who has some skill on the ball. Le Toux does not have that.

With two of the Whitecaps top and most expensive players gone in one week in Le Toux and Chiumiento, this can only mean a big signing is on the way.

Let’s hope it is a good one.



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  1. According to the BBC site, Kenny Miller is joining the Whitecaps from Cardiff City, formerly of Celtic, Wolves, and Rangers.

  2. Here’s the website:

  3. Hassli will be gone before the transfer window closes.

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