Vancouver Whitecaps suffer two losses in one day

July 11, 2012 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2012 | 1 Comment

Well, what an awful day to be a Vancouver Whitecaps fan. The first loss came with the news that Davide Chiumiento, also known as “the Swiss Ronaldinho” has been transferred to FC Zurich. He will return to Switzerlnd from whence he came. I suppose the Swiss Alps beat the Canadian Rockies after all. Chiumiento leaves a checkered past in Vancouver; he had his brilliant moments and his bad days. His bad days were mostly due to the occasional attitude problem and a tendency to gain weight. For the most part, however, he will be remembered as the guy who could make that final pass to release another guy to score a goal. This is a rare quality in a footballer, and even rarer on the current Vancouver Whitecaps squad.

Davide dazzled us all in the first game the Whitecaps played in Major League Soccer back in March of 2011. It is ironic that the guy he put through for the second goal for the Whitecaps on that first match day is the same guy who scored an injury time goal that beat the Whitecaps tonight: Terry Dunfield.

The second loss was a 3-2 defeat to Canadian rivals Toronto Football Club. The Whitecaps much vaunted defence gave up three goals tonight to the team that has become our bogey side, second only to the LA Galaxy. Whatever the reason, the Whitecaps seem completely unable to figure out a way to beat the worst team in MLS. Two losses and one tie is our record this season against TFC, and the Whitecaps were the lesser side in all three matches. It proves that the Whitecaps are just not really that good of a side yet. While tremendous progress has been made in 2012, the Whitecaps proved to be quite an ordinary team tonight. What we need is some better, classier players who can provide that bit of magic that wins games. Someone like Davide Chiumiento, for instance…

We certainly can’t blame the brilliant little Darren Mattocks, whose second goal for the Whitecaps tonight was a stunning combination of athleticism, bravery and perfect timing. How he managed to outleap two much taller guys to score that header is beyond me. It was an exceptional goal, and it is such a shame that Terry Dunfield took his revenge on his old club and stole the spotlight from Mattocks.

While Joe Cannon played a good match, his decision to punch rather than catch turned out to be damaging to the Whitecaps, as he punched the ball straight to Torsten Frings, who hit the net with a vicious low drive to put TFC ahead with their second goal. Cannon could not be faulted on the first and third goals, however. The Whitecaps proved themselves to be vulnerable in defending corner kicks again. Some work is needed there. Our defence was a bit slow and flat footed tonight: perhaps all of the travel is starting to take a toll.

Chiumiento: one last look…

With the loss the Whitecaps now have one win, one tie and two losses on the current road trip. They next face the Chicago fire to end this gruelling road trip. The Fire have virtually the same record as the Whitecaps. The heat will be intense in Chicago, and the poor Whitecaps’ will have tired legs after tonight’s match. It just shows how hard it is to do well on the road in Major League Soccer.


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  1. The second half, where all the teams are usually fit and in form separates the deep teams from the rest. I am afraid the white caps true colors (lack of offense, rookie coach,lack if defensive depth ).Are surfacing now..LA will surely pass us and we will do well to still be in a dogfight for the 5th spot at the end. Still an improvement over 2011.

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