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  1. I agree bringing Harvey on caused the team to drop into bunker mode since the rapids did not have to worry about Davide but Hassli looked like a slug out there. Slow, clumsy (when he lost the ball out of touch with no one around …sad) and he looks like he has been packing the burgers away too much…just about the worst dpi in the Mrs..he won’t be with the team in 2013. He in no way helped the team yesterday.

  2. I agree that he was poor yesterday but for all you Hassli haters (I am surprised at how many there are) you can not argue against the fact that he is the most skillful forward on the team and he sells more tickets than any other player. Getting rid of him would be idiocy.

    • Show me how he is the most skilled forward on the team? does he score the occasional highlight goal …yes..does he score otherwise nope. Take away his pk’s last year..he has approx 5 goals. What does he have this year in the mls ? 2-3?…800k… I do not hate him but he doesn’t deserve a dp designation or a start before others .

      • You have to take into account that his role is significantly different from last year. This year MR wants him as a target man who holds the ball up and lays it off to others (or take a shot if he has a chance). His role is much more to control the flow of the game and wear down defenders – not to be the last man to touch the ball before it goes in the net. None of the other forwards have anything close to his first touch (except for the Colorado game in which Hassli’s touch was the worst I have ever seen from him).

        He is not the Energizer bunny (that’s Le Toux), he doesn’t have the pace of Mattocks, and he doesn’t have the dribbling skills of Camillo (when Camillo feels like it). But none of those players can hold the ball up like Hassli, and none of them can pass worth crap (Camillo and Mattacks still haven’t figured out what passing is). Hassli has set up as many goals as Le Toux, Camillo, AND Mattock combined. If you add to that that no one else on the team connects with fans like Hassli. I can see, in time, Chiumiento or Camillo (if he gets his mojo back again) or Mattocks surpassing Hassli as a fan favourite but for the time Hassli is still the one player that puts bums in the seats.

      • Jes . Hassli has played 691 min. 2 goals 3 assists. Le Toux has played 1259 min 4 goals 1 assist rarely as a striker. Camilo has played 532 min 3 goals 2 assists. mattocks 247 min 3 goals 0 assists. The numbers speak for themselves with respect to offense from a striker position which only mattocks plays exclusively…Hassli makes more money that these Guys combined but that’s about it. A DP playing as a pure striker is meant to score. As for putting bums in the seat I agree Hassli is so slow and produces so little that i rarely take my bum out of my seat to cheer when he plays.

      • Hassli came on tonight and played well. Camilo was rusty as hell. I do not like rennie pulling chieumento for Harvey all the time. In the last three games two times the opposition scored and the other we needed the post to save US. I am not blaming Harvey its just that we drop to a defensive shell and no longer have chieumento threat …Davide is fit and good defensively …leave him in to keep them honest. Ill takebthe tie.

      • Actually if you take away his pks last year he scored 9.

      • Ip he scored ten goals and i remember seeing at least three Pk’s but probably more it certainly wasn’t one.

  3. Hassli did score A LOT of his goals last year from PK’s. I can’t remember the numbers but I think it was a least 4.

    rhm- I agree about not taking off Chiumiento for Harvey. On paper it make all kinds of sense but in practise it is killing us!

    Camilo was rusty? You are a gentle man! He was brutal, he was beyond rust. Something is clearly wrong with him because he sure doesn’t look anything like last year.

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