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  1. This is simply ridiculous. Just because I happen to like the new uniforms including the brown ones, I am not an idiot who thinks he is clever. The club and its management are not idiots just because they decide to do something different from what your nostalgia-seeking self thinks they should do. Thinking differently from you generally does not automatically make anybody an idiot, but you sure make it sound like that is your attitude towards other people. I’d rather associate with supporters who respect their fellow fans – that doesn’t sound like the kind of supporter you are.

  2. The criticism is harsh, but it is well aimed. The club does have a tradition and it should be carried forward in different ways, particularly with the shirts. Third shirts have little to do with anything other than making money. I cannot imagine anyone forking out $129 for one of them. Brown! I can’t believe it…

  3. I agree with a number of points that Geoff made. I kind of like the new strip & I actually don’t mind spending money on the ‘Caps because I support my team and I remember a time not too long ago when soccer was on the verge of extinction in Vancouver. So, I say support the ‘Caps with your dollars (just by the jersey you like if you don’t like the new one) and let’s keep soccer alive in Vancouver!

  4. I like my current blue jersey, I think the design of the caps kit is great. (blue and white). I must admit that this new brown does not appear great but then again ultimately its not what a 40 something (like me) thinks that matters its what 20-30 year olds think since these are the target to establish new fans. Lets see what that (and younger) demographic thinks. In the meantime we may have to endure “white craaaaps” chants from opposing fans.

  5. It’s a third kit, thank god, and I’m willing to bet that it’s fated to a relatively short lifespan. Brown is dull and wholly uninspiring, the perfect colour for a UPS van, or maybe the decor of a trendy new coffee bar, but way, way off target for a pro sports uniform. Just ask yourself…when did you last see someone wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey?….Exactly! Though I loved the old NASL days, and even had the good fortune to attend the Soccer Bowl at the Meadowlands, I’m not so completely behind the club going retro (even if the old strip was still the best), but that would be much better than a kit that has no relationship to the team whatsoever.

    • I said the same thing in a letter to the VWFC. No world-class sports organization uses brown to instil fear in their opposition, inspiration in their players or smiles amongst their spectators. Brown is warm and safe. Just the colour for battle, right?

      • No one uses pink to instil fear either. Classic Juve.

      • Pink, instil fear, sure what not, have you never encountered a desperate transgender hooker before? It ain’t pretty, pink curtains everywhere. It’s a total nightmare.

  6. When was a third jersey ever meant to represent a club’s history? It’s meant to sell jerseys, make money, and rarely ever consists of a club’s traditional colors. Unfair criticism, if you don’t like the club’s THIRD jersey, don’t buy it, I know I won’t.

  7. I think the criticism is wholly justified, some people just don’t know when they’re being taken for a ride, and really anyone that purchases this fashion piece is getting taken for a chump. This is not a soccer jersey, its an expensive corporate walking billboard that happens to be brown. I have some insight as to what is going on at the FO and who is calling the shots on something like this and I can say for sure its a botton line driven initiative and has nothing to do with Vancouver or its rich soccer history, never mind connecting with the whitecaps any any way. Its a money grab and nothing more.

    They found out soccer mom’s like the trending Brown and baby blue combo and figured they could sell a crap load of them for fathers day, we’ll see how that goes i guess.

    Arbutus brown? Really? There is such a thing as Arbutus brown?

  8. The colour is actually “mustang brown” but they changed the name to make it more Vancouver.

    • You sure it’s Mustang brown? Seems more like Pinto brown, or maybe Gremlin or Pacer brown…

  9. I agree this shirt is kind of stupid and that the old ones were better. But calm down its just a shirt.

    • No, it’s just a shitty shirt.

  10. so Juventus should be ashamed of themselves for their blasphemous ignorance to tradition with their pink jerseys?

    • If you knew the history of juve you would know that pink Is a part of their history… Look it up!

      • I stand corrected – just tried to think a jersey that came to mind that was out there and not part of the norm of what you see in soccer. Wrong on the juve front – sorry. still fugly tho. Third jerseys in Europe aren’t all that better – they’ve tried everything in the book and not all necessarily tied to history. Chelsea has worn black/orange, neon green (yes green was original – not neon), yellow, solid black etc…. even if the Whitecaps have botched this round…the other thing that is traditional about football clubs in general is to change their kits on a regular basis. until the next creation then.

  11. Comments by “RR” on June 15th is spot on. Go nostalgia or go vibrant. There is nothing exciting about the apparel colour brown and never will be. Monks wear brown. Have you heard of the Nazi “brown shirts”!, or how about electrical brownouts. This is pretty much a SUMMER league and I’m going to put on a brown sports jersey. If you like this colour combination, you have good taste. If you like this colour combination in sports, you’re wrong on so many levels. Don’t take offence, you just don’t “get it”, like not understanding quantum mechanics. Someone in marketing tried to be clever, over thought it, sucked back too much coffee at 49th Parallel and we the season ticket holders have to pay the price of gazing on a front lawn full of dog turd. Simple task; complete failure.

    I love the Whitecaps and want them to improve on every level, front and back office. Jersey design does matter, colour matters.

    PS. If you don’t like what I’m saying, please re-read the “Don’t get it” sentence, multiple times if necessary.

  12. Why does it automatically get called poo-brown? If I wear one of my several pieces of brown clothing, no one thinks “That’s a poo-brown shirt/hoodie”. Weak argument.

    This shirt is going to sell. That’s a huge part of the FO’s job, to sell things to make money to pay for players like DeMerit, etc. You want history? Wait until 2014 and the 40-year anniversary of the founding.

    • When a jersey is loved and hated you cut your sales in half. This is simple arithmetic. I love brown, but brown kits in SPORT carry a ton of risk with an ounce of reward. I’m surrounded by season ticket holders, like myself, and no one, I mean no one said “I love the jersey, can’t wait to get it”. The response was either “I kinda like it” and “I f***kin hate it”. Even gents that did buy it were sort of embarrassed by it. This is not what you want when your selling a mass marketed product. I know corporate marketers, this was an adorable little spasm of creativity that is akin to an inside joke. It sounded so great at the time….never should’ve left R&D (research & development). Period.

      Go Caps!! Good luck Red Bulls, you’ll need it….we’re that good right now.

      • And I saw a lot of people wearing it, heard a lot of people excited for the casual wear, and apparently the BC Place store sold out of all sizes but Medium at the game.

        Overall, judging from the feedback I’ve seen and heard, I think more people like it than dislike it.

    • To be honest…I’d probably think your shirt looked poo brown. But then again, I’ve got a piss yellow golf shirt. In any case, brown doesn’t exude the dynamism or intensity that one would hope to see from their home team. Brown may be trendy on the fashion racks for all I know, but you’re either colour blind or work in the WCFC back office if you think these will sell well.

      • All reports so far are that it is already selling well. People that work in design have commented favourably. I put a tad more stock in those than random blog comments.

      • Its completely subjective, but I think thats the general point here, God knows the club is all about money so they want a product or shirt that will sell. And being a graphic designer and also that I have worked for the club awhile back I can say, yes these shirts will sell well, because of the colours. But its still not a football shirt. Its a fashion peice. there is still absolutely nothing that ties Whitecaps FC as a football shirt to me as a fan.

  13. With respect the retro style shirt that you recommend by a firm in the UK called TOFFS are really shit quality.If your shirt doesnt fit a wee midget by this time next year I will sit down and eat my footy boots for lunch.How do I know?..they are based in Gateshead which is where we lived back in Blighty,Toffs are renowned for their stinky shrinky kit and I have fallen for their garbage a couple of times myself.
    P.S..I actually really like the brown jersey.Think St Pauli in Germany,their shirts are brown and cherished!

    • Just don’t put it in the dryer you twit! I love St Pauli’s uniform too but we are not St Pauli.

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