A nice break from Whitecaps May Madness

June 5, 2012 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2012 | Leave a comment

I though April was the cruellest month. It turns out it is May for the Vancouver Whitecaps and their fans. The Whitecaps played in eight games in May. While the players are enjoying a much deserved rest, I have enjoyed a few days off too.

While I love football, I must say watching some of May’s eight Whitecaps matches was hard on the eyes. In particular, watching the TFC-Whitecaps Canadian Championship final was like torture. The Whitecaps played poorly themselves in both legs of the final, and when matched with Toronto’s turgid style, it was certainly no festival of the beautiful game. The teams really did nothing to rehabilitate the tournament; about half of the fans of both teams decided it was not worth showing up for. The Edmonton matches were somewhat better, but only because we were playing against an inferior team that was easy to score on.

The Canadian Championship took its toll on the Whitecaps Major League Soccer efforts. The 4-1 loss to New England, in which Coach Martin Rennie tried to use his squad to take pressure off of his starters, proved that our squad is really not that deep after all. A game we should have won was lost to the energy taken up by the Canadian Championship. I also feel our last match in May against Portland also suffered from May’s Canadian Championship fatigue. Only a late goal saved the Whitecaps from a mediocre performance.

The thrills of May were provided in the Match against San Jose, which featured a last second goal to win it by Eric Hassli, and the Seattle match. The Seattle match was the best football of all of May, because both teams fielded quality sides and played the ball along the ground in an end-to-end contest. With the sun shining through the roof at BC Place it was a great game of football. Too bad the Whitecaps chucked away the win at the end.

The players needed a break, and so did I. 8 games in one month is too much for a soccer team, and a bit too much for a fan as well. It felt like we were supporting a National Hockey League team! The fatigue showed in our results: we won the first three matches of May, but tied three and lost two of the last five.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider playing all of the Canadian Championship games in one month.


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