Whitecaps out-thugged by TFC for Canadian Championship

May 24, 2012 at 12:11 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2012 | 4 Comments

It is clear how TFC head coach Aron Winter intends to get out of the 0-9 slump in Major League Soccer play his team is now in. He will put out a big, physical team that defends well and grinds out ugly wins. This is what they did against the Whitecaps, who did not have an answer to this thuggish formula.

The Whitecaps were bloody awful tonight, unable to put any good passing moves together, and unable to generate any good chances in front of goal in spite of the strong team of starters they put out. The Whitecaps were outplayed and out muscled. It looked like a case of jet lag sapped their energy.

TFC beat us 2-1 on aggregate, and, the truth be told, they were good value for the win when the contest is looked at over two legs. They had us beat in our own park last week before Hassli’s late, late miracle goal tied it up. They then beat us in their own park. While the Whitecaps have put in some sparkling efforts this season in MLS games, they have given us their “b” game in the Canadian Championship final. It was truly awful to watch for a Whitecaps fan.

While some feel that this tournament is very important for the club (notably Bruce Constantineau of the Vancouver Sun called this match “the biggest game in the recent history of the franchise”: what nonsense!), the fans have spoken otherwise with their feet. For both home Canadian Championship games, BC Place was not even half full. Half of season ticket holders did not bother to show up to watch and obviously they could not give their tickets away. Put this next to the BC Place crowd at the Seattle Sounders match in Vancouver on the weekend. The crowd was well more than twice the size of the TFC match last Wednesday for the first leg of the Canadian final. TFC’s ground was virtually empty tonight, and far less showed up than their crowds for MLS matches.

Perhaps it is time to just give the Canadian CONCACAF Champions league spot to the Canadian team that finishes highest in the MLS standings. The Canadian Championship games that I watched this year were just poor football, plain and simple.

Clearly, it is more important for the team to do well in MLS as far as the team’s supporters are concerned. The fans would much rather see the ‘Caps get into the CONCACAF Champions League by winning the MLS cup than through the Canadian championship. Now that we are out of the Canadian Championship, the team can focus on what the fans really want: success in MLS matches.

Is there any doubt that Toronto would gladly trade its win tonight for some of Vancouver’s 18 points and five wins in MLS play? I am not crying for our loss in the Canadian Championship: its time to move on to more important football matches.



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  1. Hassli seems to have returned to his Charles Gbeke style of play (without the ability to head). Rennie is a rookie and he showed it over the past few weeks. Threw mls 3pts away (new england 1 at least, 2 against seattle) with his attempt at balance and we will likely lose with our exhausted D in portland. No canadian championship and at least 4 MLS points dropped.He then whines about the ref….not impressed

    • As far as I am concerned it is just too many fixtures. A football player needs a week to recover from a match. Two games a week is a recipe for disaster. I think the fatigue caught up with us. Add to that the travel to TO and I can understand why the guys looked burnt out. Now Rochat is injured again. Like you, I would not be surprised if we crash against Portland.

      • i agree that is why he perhaps should have said have kept two seperate set of 11 starters. B team for canadian champ in my opinion.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly re the Voyageurs Cup — for one, I’d MUCH rather see MLS points on the board than wasting them diddling around looking to fill gaps created by the Canadian Championship. The club learned how to crawl last year. Now it’s time to learn how to walk — forget about trying to qualify for CCL.
    Totally agree about how the Canadian Championship should be determined — does anyone outside of Ontario really think TFC is a better team than the Whitecaps this year?

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