Camilo proves his worth in defeat of FC Dallas

April 22, 2012 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2012 | 1 Comment

Le Toux and Watson work magic together

That’s the guy I made a fool of there…

Last night Camilo proved he is the best player in the Vancouver Whitecaps squad in the ‘Caps 1-0 victory over FC Dallas. Having recovered from his injury, Camilo was undoubtedly our best player.  Given that Eric Hassli is snake bit and hasn’t scored since August 2011, Martin Rennie put Camilo alone up front to  lead the Whitecaps attack.  Camilo put Hassli, who is about two feet taller than him, to shame and won more high balls in the air than Hassli has in several recent matches.  He was a pest to Dallas’ back four, and I was amazed at how he physically punshed Dallas center back John with his play (John is bigger than Hassli is!).

Camilo’s early goal cutting in from the right sideline was a masterclass of attaching football.  He finished with his left foot on a perfectly curled shot into the far corner.  As usual Camilo left two defenders in his wake before banging the ball home.

FC Dallas came to town with one of Major League Soccer’s best footballers Brek Shea in tow.  This guy is a sight to behold being very tall and strong, yet good in the dribble and fast as all get out.  He truly is a star player, but the Whitecaps did a fantastic job of containing him.

Gershon Koffie (the human football sponge) and Jun Marques Davidson put on a master class of defensive midfield play, leaving our defenders and Joe Cannon with a distinct advantage throughout the game.  It has to be said that Joe Cannon awoke from his slumbers in the past two matches and gave a goalkeeping clinic.

Koffie skins Brek Shea

Our back line looked very confident indeed and got back to being their normal selves, and though Jordan Harvey gave a great effort there is no doubt that on the tactical side of the game we miss Alian Rochat’s sophisticated skill and ideas.

Omar Salgado got his first start this season and looked a bit out of his depth for much of the match.  He seemed overwhelmed with the pace of the match and quickly disappeared after some good early play.  He certainly has improved but if he is going to play on the wing he needs to either get some speed or learn how to hold and dribble the ball.  When Atiba Harris replaced Salgado in the second half, it was clear that Harris was the superior player.

Rather like Salgado, Matt Watson looked a bit ponderous out there, though he nearly set Camilo up for a second goal in the second half.  Like Salgado, Watson seems to behaving trouble functioning at the high speed required in MLS, and his mobility on the ball is poor.  He is strictly a lay it off to another guy kind of player.  We need a guy who can take control and run with the ball in the middle of the park and make key passes. Barry Robson, come quick!

Best/worst haircut in MLS

Overall it was a great team effort however; the team looked confident and comfortable (thanks to Davidson and Koffie’s strength).

This was a “must win” game for the Whitecaps given their slip back to 2011 form in the last two matches.  With two games on the road against opposition we can beat (Columbus and Edmonton), a roaring return to BC Place on May 5th for the San Jose match is something I am looking forward to with optimism.


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  1. I largely agree with what you have said I think that Matt Watson was pretty good during the first half. Once he got tired (about 10 minutes into the second half) the quality of his play dropped of dramatically (something he apologized for on Twitter yesterday) but you are right – he is no Barry Robson (or even a Chiumiento)

    The really interesting part is now that we are back on the winning track and the Canucks are out of the playoff we have 2 months as the only pro team playing in Vancouver. Can we grow the fan base? If so, by how much?

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