Canucks and KC defeat the Whitecaps

April 19, 2012 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2012 | 11 Comments

Last night you could hear a sucking sound at BC Place as many fans and their emotional energy were taken away by the Vancouver Canucks and their do-or-die game 4 against the Los Angeles Kings.  The Province today reported the attendance at BC Place as 15,000 or so, but the reality must have been closer to between 8 and 9,000 fans willing to forgo the Canucks in order to watch the Whitecaps.

The mood was sluggish and so was the Whitecaps play.  The Whitecaps conceded three goals for the second game running.

The first goal came about as a result of KC’s ability to keep the Whitecaps under sustained pressure in their own end.  KC pressed and pressed and the Whitecaps were unable to clear their lines.  A resulting corner kick caused in a pinball game in front of goal which ended up with Sporting defender Collin stabbing home a loose ball.

Another KC set play resulted in a second goal, this time from a long throw deep in Whitecaps territory early in the second half.  All of KC’s players missed the ball, and it hit a surprised Martin Bonjour on the shoulder and went in past a stunned and immobile Joe Cannon.  I am not sure if Cannon couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but he paused for some reason and made a late attempt to get to the ball, but far too late to get close.  It was 2-0.

15 minutes later it was 0-3 for KC through Kamara and Myers.  A deep low Myers cross put the Whitecaps defence under pressure, and a flopping Joe Cannon again removed himself from the path of the ball after Kamara’s flick rather like he did against Wondolowski 10 days ago.  It has to be said that Cannon has lost all of the sharpness of his early season form in the last two matches and the scoreboard says it all: six goals given up in two matches, three of which were easily stoppable by a sharp keeper.   What we need from our goalkeeper is consistency, and we are not getting it right now.

The most interesting part of last night was watching how much the Whitecaps improved once little Camilo Sanvezzo came on as a substitute for  John Thorrington in the 60th minute.  He immediately lifted the Whitecaps game, and provided a threat that was non-existant previously.  If last night proved anything, it is that we must get Camilo fit to play 90 minutes in order to have any success at all this year.  I believe he should be started up front with Hassli.  Their partnership was far more dangerous than the current Hassli/Le Toux partnership.  Le Toux does not have the ability to hold the ball like Camilo does.  Camilo’s ability to hold the ball allows Hassli to get into deep scoring positions. Most of the Whitecaps scoring opportunities in this game came from the Camilo effect.

Sure enough it was little Camilo who played a part as he hit the crossbar with a header from an Omar Salgado cross.  Le Toux put the rebound in and gave us some small hope of recovery.  It has to be said that another bright part of the evening was seeing how strong and fast Salgado looked.  He might well be maturing into the player we have dreamed he would become.

Too often in the second half the Whitecaps used the long ball from the back to the front; the team gave up on the ability of our midfielders to move the ball down the pitch.

It was a disappointing night, and the Whitecaps still seem to be playing like a team of strangers.  It has to be said that Martin Rennie has failed to harness the offensive power that we all feel exists in the squad.   He is not using the talent that the players have properly.  Hassli and Le Toux are not being used to the full extent of their abilities, mostly because of the inablity of the team to get crosses into the box from deep positions.

It is time for Rennie to make some changes in the team and in how he uses the players.

Lets just hope that Barry Robson is fit to play when his time comes because we desperately need a good midfielder who can move the ball up the pitch and score goals.



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  1. Don’t get too misty eyed for Camillo just yet. Don’t forget he was the player that gave away a very simple ball to Myers to set up the SKC’s third goal. To compound matters Camillo made virtually no effort to retrieve the ball, he just casually strolled towards the play with no sense of urgency. We saw a lot of that last year but most everyone has picked up the defensive side of their game.

    • True enough, Camilo looked bad and lackadasical on that play.

    • well i can get a bit misty about camilo now 🙂

  2. It seems people are reluctant to say the obvious. Letoux has scored, Camilo has scored…something STRIKERS are supposed to do and Have thiis year even with poor service. Hassli has had at least 4-5 chances and poor finish… I know you like his on-the-edge personality but with 14-15 games now without a goal excuses are over…he should be on-the-edge of the bench with camilo and letoux up front to start.

    • I agree reluctantly, because I love Hassli so much. It is time to try something new, and Camilo has proved that he is our best goal scorer.

    • I like Hassli too much to agree and his work rate is second only to Le Toux however, it looks like you will get your wish and he will be benched for Saturday. I hope it pays off…….

      • You took the words right out of my mouth, JES. We’ve reached the point in the season where MR needs to make real use of his entire roster. I’ve seen what Hassli can do — both in the Axpo Superliga, and here in MLS. But, reluctantly, I have to admit that he’s on an extended dry spell and there are indeed other options available. Salgado’s been rotting on the vine for weeks, and working him into the rotation along with a fit Camilo might change our luck.

  3. why all the Hassli hate? I know he hasn’t scored but hes been invloved in the play a lot and is working hard. the goals will come. and as we all know when hassli gets going there is no stoping him. Camilo and Le Toux are good but they dont give of the same sense that something is about to happen everytime they are on the ball.

    • I don’t know if there’s any “hate” going on — certainly not in my case. Hey, I’m one of his biggest fans. Watched him play when he was with FCZ, still walk around on match days wearing my old Zurich away jersey — what can I say, I like orange!
      Disclosures now dealt with, if you’re MR and watching the hole that the team is slowly starting to map out (if not yet already breaking ground for), you’re probably starting to think about short-term alternatives — not permanet replacements for Hassli, but maybe something to fill in for him in the interim. Especially up front, Rennie has left things pretty much untouched — save Harris getting a start, and recently giving Salgado and Tan a few minutes as the clock winds down.
      After six matches, Rennie’s had a good look, and it doesn’t appear that Hassli’s having much impact as a goal scorer — pretty much role he was brought in for. It’s a step and a half down from EH to OS, LT, or DM when Hassli’s on his game, but the fact is he isn’t right now. Camilo is definitely not the imposing power forward type, but I’d say he sure gave the impression that something was about to happen when he was on the ball vs SKC. Like I said earlier, I’m reluctant to admit it, but I think Hassli needs to either yield some minutes. I don’t think the French Connection has come off as well as the Caps had hoped, and if that’s going to be tinkered with, Hassli loses out to Le Toux right now.

      • et voila put camilo in….he scores

    • People do not hate him and he “looks” like he should be good. But other than the first few games last year just consider – he scored 10 goals last year 4 were penalties (that camilo drew). He even missed one penalty. He hasnt scored in 15+ games, and looks more lkke Charles Bieke with his throwing up his arms in disgust routine….maybe he just isnt as good as people wish he was.

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