Rafael Marquez: a disgrace to Major League Soccer

April 17, 2012 at 8:25 pm | Posted in General Football, Whitecaps Season 2012 | 1 Comment

I hope that Major League Soccer and its disciplinary team come down hard on Rafael Marquez.

Marquez is one of MLS’ “designated players”.  Designated players’ salaries  exist either outside of an MLS team’s salary cap, or have only a part of their salary counted against a team’s salary cap.  This rule was created by the MLS in order to entice high class, high quality,  expensive footballers into MLS. This policy has worked in enticing Thierry Henry and David Beckham, two of the finest players to grace world football pitches during the last two decades, into the league.

But did the MLS intend on attracting goons like Marquez to the league?  Having watched him play for the New York Red Bulls a number of times I have been struck  by how violent this guy is and how intent on hurting other players he is.  Marquez is not just aggressive and competitive: this guy is working out his anger issues on the pitch in a violent manner and intentionally trying to injure other players. Football is a rough competitive game, and injuries will occur, but going out of your way to deliberately injure other players is just not on.  Perhaps because Marquez is a designated player, referees just seem to let  a lot of his violence go.

All you have to do is look at what he did to ex-Whitecap Shea Salinas on the weekend (Salinas happens to be one of the nicest guys in the MLS).  First of all Marquez broke Salinas’ collar bone when he mugged him in the penalty area (in full view of the ref I might add, who ignored the incident).  He then  intentionally kicked Salinas on the head with his trailing leg.  You can see the incident for yourself here:


When the Red bulls hosted the Whitecaps in New York last year, Marquez did his best to break Eric Hassli’s leg.

In my view a lengthy ban is called for.  Beyond this, the MLS should really be more careful who it tries to recruit to be a designated player in MLS.  Marquez is a violent hatchet man, pure and simple.  Had the league done some research they might have found this out.

There is no doubt Marquez has played at the highest levels of the game and is capable of being a top quality footballer.  He had a wildly successful time at Barcelona FC.  Unfortunately Marques is now more interested in deliberately injuring players than playing football.

MLS should not only discipline Marquez, but get rid of him for good.  He is a disgrace to the league and to the game of football.


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  1. Saw the rugby tackle. Marquez should be made to sit out as many games as Salinas misses. That was a deliberate mugging and why the League doesn’t come down hard on that kind of thing I just don’t understand. He received a three game suspension, which is a joke.

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