Marc Weber and Province fall short on facts

April 4, 2012 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps | 2 Comments

I hate to be nit-picky, but the Province today had a caption under a photo of Eric Hassli claiming that after the first goal in the Whitecaps MLS history he tore off his jersey and threw it into the crowd, for which he received a card.  Hassli did get a yellow in that 4-2 win over TFC, but not for taking his shirt off.
This did not happen on his first match for the club or in the Whitecaps’s first MLS match. It actually happened in the Whitecap’s fourth match of the 2011 season after the team had already scored seven goals. Hassli’s goal in that match was the eighth goal of the 2011 season and his third for the club. He recieved a red card for his efforts, already having earned a yellow for elbowing a New England player in the face…



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  1. More than likely that Weber had nothing to do with the cutline (caption), and that it was written by an overworked or inexperienced page editor — which leads to my gripe: Neither the Sun nor the Province appear to have employed copy editors in the last decade at least. The egregiousness and frequency of error in those publications is rather astounding.

  2. Anyone can make a mistake, but the facts only happened last year. It is not as though the facts have been lost in the mists of time…

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