The Whitecaps defensive juggernaut rolls onwards in Philly!

April 1, 2012 at 9:51 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2012 | 5 Comments

Yesterday the Vancouver Whitecaps had their second successive 0-0 draw.  This one was on the road in Philadelphia.  When there are no goals up front to celebrate, we fans might as well celebrate defense.  Typically, strikers and midfielders who score goals are often the most celebrated players on a football team, but the Whitecaps hero of the 2012 season is undoubtedly our goalkeeper Joe Cannon (with an assist from Knighton, our back-up keeper).   Cannon had yet another superb match.  Cannon’s supporting cast of DeMerit, Bonjour, YP Lee and Rochat/Harvey are also doing just fine, with help from the very stingy Jun Marques Davidson, our master defensive midfielder.

While these guys mentioned above are heroes, the rest of our team are bums!

Over three matches, the players in our squad expected to generate some offence have not scored in three games, and in the last two have not even had a shot on goal.  Hassli, Camilo, Chiumiento, Le Toux, Harris, Thorrington and Watson should be hanging their heads in shame.  To his credit, Seba Le Toux was through twice on his own against Philly, but alert and aggressive goalkeeping by Zak MacMath frustrated his efforts on both occasions.

Gershon Koffie has to be credited with having a go at goal, but he proved that he is rarely able to hit the broad side of a barn door (which happens to be about the same size as  a football net) with another pathetic effort.

Rennie! Time to put him back up front!

What is the solution to all of this?  Coach Martin Rennie should look at last years statistics.  A little man called Camilo scored 12 goals last year while playing up front as a striker, which is where he is meant to be.  Forget messing about with him on the wing.  He should be playing up front in the middle.  Eric Hassli scored 10 goals last year playing with another striker.  This year he has been played in a role not suited to him, that of solo striker.

It is time Rennie eats some humble pie and admits that his offensive ideas are not working.  Forget this five man midfield stuff and lets get the right men forward.  Put Hassli and Camilo up front in a 4-4-2 formation. Le Toux is the new man in the squad, and while he did score in the first match, he has often looked uncomfortable in his role, and against DC United, he virtually disappeared for the whole match.   Rennie should put him on the flanks and use his speed and guile to get crosses in to Hassli and Camilo.  The Whitecaps have not been getting crosses in and Le Toux has the pace and fitness to run up and down the right flank to feed Hassli and Camilo.

I hope that Camilo and Hassli are both match fit by next saturday for the match with San Jose.  Both were excluded from the Philly match with minor injuries.  San Jose are not pushovers like they were last year (they were very nearly as bad as us), and they will be very confident after taking Seattle’s scalp in Seattle’s own ground yesterday.

I say it is time to throw caution to the wind and get some men into the offensive third of the field.  So far the Whitecaps have effectively surrendered the offensive third of the field and let the other team have its way in that area.

It is time for a change!



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  1. LOL re Koffie!

    Something’s gotta be re-tooled up front for sure. The Caps have the second lowest shots on goal percentage in the league. Seven shots on target in four games is pretty sad.

  2. last year Hassil scored 10 goals (i believe 3 PK)
    most in the early part of the season
    When was his last league goal? How many games without a goal?
    Does he deserve his DP salary? I say $$ could be better spent.
    Koffie is a defensive mid-fielder does he need to score to deserve his place?

    Lets see if Barry Robson and Ettiene Barbara give us more push.

    • Re: Koffie…, he doesn’t need to score — a point seemingly lost on him. I’d be a lot happier if he’d stop trying to hammer long hopers somewhere in the vague direction of the opposing end line, as it just wastes opportunities to move the ball to someone with a lot more control.

  3. Good blog. Our attack is simply quite poor which is ironic when, a few weeks ago, we were wondering what we would do with all the strikers we had! MR says he is committed to playing attacking football but he should reorganize the attack to bring this promise to fruition. Hope he listens to your suggestions, because I have found it very disappointing to watch and hope for some good attacking play and see very little if anything actually happen. Watching paint dry may well be more fun…But kudos to the Cannon guy and the rest of the defence!

    • …adding to the kudos, though I’m not high on Jordan Harvey, I gotta admit that he filled in well for Rochat (at least once he got the opening jitters out of the way).

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