Fieldturf curse bites CONCACAF Champions League match

March 7, 2012 at 11:15 pm | Posted in General Football, Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2012 | 4 Comments

Before today’s match in Toronto LA Galaxy players Robbie Keane and David Beckham were already complaining about the fieldturf at Rogers Center, and as far as I am concerned, good on them.  Having watched the magic Barcelona worked on their perfect grass pitch in the Nou Camp earlier in the day, the match at Rogers Centre looked like a dogs breakfast because of the terrible playing surface.  Sure, the standard of play is lower between the Galaxy and TFC, but the bounce of the pitch made for a shockingly bad display of football.

It is high time fans of football everywhere work to get rid of this stuff for football at the professional level.  It is simply no substitute for grass.



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  1. In an ideal world I would share your view, and support a push for natural turf over the artificial variety.

    But here in North America there are virtually no soccer-specific stadiums (which would allow grass pitches to be lovingly maintained between matches). Many of our major venues also host (north american) football — professional and collegiate, along with other pro sports, notably baseball. Grass pitches would be destroyed in no time — largely as a result of football of the helmeted variety. Domed facilities, as multi-use venues, would also be difficult environments for grass.

    Then there’s cost of ownership issues. AT requires a substantial capital investment to install, but maintenance costs are paltry compared to the price of maintaining grass. In the long run (10+ years), AT is cheaper to maintain than grass. Witness the proliferation of AT fields around the Lower Mainland. This trend stems from civic governments trying to be fiscally responsible.

    While I agree wholeheartedly that the game is best played on well-tended grass (didn’t Camp Nou look fantastic?), we’re not going to see a move to natural turf in the MLS anytime soon.

  2. I agree, field turf should be banned outright , including the SS BC Place. That surface on that oversized , over budget crater can leave, Now!! Another reminder of taking away from the games purity, Plastic pitch, plastic stadia!

  3. I am not a TFC fan but the reality is BMO field (TFCs Home Pitch) has grass and the cold weather and frozen grass surface is why they had to go to Rogers Centre (argos turf). Unless we are willing to delay the season in canada until after the thaw (eg may) then we must continue to cheer on the evolution in turf (ie turf in bc pkace is now most advanced in north america and is used by at least one first div french team.

  4. Now that the Bell – Tell US (sic) – PavCo – WCFC fiasco has broken wide open, it looks like the more pressing issue regarding the turf will be: Do the WC & Bell get a cease and decist order from PavCo this week, or next?

    Once the inevitable court case is settled, then maybe Tell Us will free up resources to powerwash their million-dollar dogwood logo and magically re-enter the ring to bid for naming rights. Personally, considering who paid for the stadium and reno, I still prefer B.C. Place over some corporation entering the arena and piggy-backing .

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