Tancredi and Sinclair show the way to London

January 28, 2012 at 6:36 pm | Posted in General Football | 5 Comments

Last night the Canadian Women’s soccer team booked their tickets for the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games with a thrilling 3-1 win over Mexico.

The Canadians defeated a bold, tough and determined Mexican side with two goals by Sinclair, and  one by Tancredi.  It is no wonder coach John Herdman starts them together up front, because Tancredi set Sinclair up for two goals, and Sinclair played a key role in Tancredi’s own marker.  These two have an instinctive feel for where the other one will be, making them a devastating combination up front for Canada.

Canada was up 2-0 at half time but fell asleep at the switch for the first part of the second half.  Mexico made two key substitutions at half time which galvanized the Mexican team, and brought the score back to 2-1.   Mexico put enormous pressure on Canada, who looked on the verge of chucking it all away.  That is, until our goal queen Christine Sinclair took the pressure off by finishing a perfect ball down the middle from Tancredi.  Sinclair is a master of scoring goals, but she also scored her goals at the perfect time during this match.  While Sinclair is the star of the team, all credit to Tancredi for a gutsy performance and tremendous offensive output.

All of this goes towards making us fans feel better in the wake of a disastrous 2011 Women’s World Cup in which our team disgraced itself by losing all three games and crashing out at the knock-out round.  My feeling is that all of the controversy that occurred prior to the cup around then coach Carolina Morace distracted the team, who played the World Cup like their minds were elsewhere.

New coach Herdman seems to have gotten the players all looking in the same direction again and pulling together as a team.  It is a great credit to him.  It looks like we have a team who can do some damage in the Olympics, perhaps even compete for a medal.

It was wonderful to see the team do a lap of victory around BC Place in front of a full and delighted crowd; even better was the sight of the team visiting the great Kara Lang, now a TV commentator, whose own soccer career was tragically cut short by injury.

I felt this showed our Women’s soccer team not only has great football in them, but great hearts as well.



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  1. All credit to Sinclair and Tancredi. There’s not question that they played pivotal roles in the win.

    But holding mid Desiree Scott deserves a bunch of credit as well. Yes, the Mexicans seem to prefer to attack down the wing, and then aerially into the box. However, whenever they did try to move through the center of the pitch, or re-gained possession there, Scott was on-the-spot to pressure, bump, and generally disrupt anything the Mexicans tried to get going.

    • If you are saying that it was a team effort, you are absolutely right! It was also great to see Timko get a run out. She was pure class.

      • Definitely a team effort. Depth remains a major worry though — and we saw that tonight in the final vs the US. The Canadian side must find more pace –as Woeller was exposed repeatedly. I’m not particularly convinced that Julien is the right choice to combine up front with Sinclair, and her inability to finish stood out. As Sinclair goes, so does the team — and when she only has 1/2 a scoring opportunity all match, that’s an indication that the service from the midfielders wasn’t there.

        It certainly wasn’t Canada’s best performance tonight, which wasn’t altogether surprising following on the heels of the qualification-clincher against Mexico.

      • Sadly, RR, a large part of our problem tonight was fitness— See my article on this.


  2. when sinclair has the ball the canadian fans should just start doing their mad scientist laugh.

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