Martin Bonjour a positive gain for the Whitecaps

January 8, 2012 at 10:38 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2012 | 7 Comments

Of the off-season signings made by the Whitecaps, there has not been much to get the pulse racing.  In Argentinian Martin Bonjour, however, I feel the club has made a very exiting signing.

I love Argentinian football.  The players from the back to the front all know how to play with the ball.  The centre backs are just as comfortable on the ball as the midfielders. While Bonjour is not  big name in Argentinian football, he is young for a central defender and can grow in ability and stature.  Footage on the Whitecaps site demonstrates he can score goals and likes to get forward, and that he plays with aggression and passion.  While some might say it is hard to get excited about signing a defender, make no mistake about it this is a significant signing and expect Bonjour to start at centre back.

Bonjour gives the Whitecaps a dimension that we were missing entirely in 2011.  That is a defender who can play the ball out of the back with intelligent passes.  While Carlyle Mitchell showed some ability to do this at the end of last season, other central defenders DeMerit and Boxall don’t have the footballing ability to make skillful passes to start counter attacks.  I believe Bonjour has this ability, which will be a great asset to the club.

Bonjour’s own playing history is with smaller clubs predominantly in Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru.  While these leagues are not the best in the world, and certainly not the most glamorous, there is good solid football quality there.  It is nothing for Bonjour to be embarassed about.

With the signings of Lee and Bonjour I believe our back line is set with Bonjour and DeMerit in the centre, Rochat at left back and Lee at right back.  Lee, Rochat and Bonjour can all defend well and can create and score goals.  All in all, it looks considerably better than the 2011 back line, which did not produce much offence at all and gave up far too many goals.  If I am correct that this is the starting back line, we will score more goals and give up less.

I am beginning to feel quite optimistic about 2012.  Now where is our midfielder from Argentina?



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  1. Rochait Bonjour Demerit Y.P.LEE

    (insert spotlight and choir music)

  2. as for a midfielder from Argentina the super draft is coming up. Enzo Martinez anyone?

  3. An optimistic blog about the Whitecaps!?!! It has been so long I am struck dumb 🙂

    • Lets hope we are all struck dumb by a much better Whitecaps team this season!

  4. “Bonjour gives the Whitecaps a dimension that we were missing entirely in 2011. That is a defender who can play the ball out of the back with intelligent passes.”

    Did you mean CB instead of “defender”? Otherwise, I’d have to take issue. LB and part-time CB Alain Rochat certainly demonstrated the ability to move the ball forward — either on his own, or by playing the ball upfield with guide-by-wire accuracy.

    • Sorry for the confusion, I meant centre back. Rochat is a very good passer but not a great defender at CB. We need someone who can pass the ball from the centre back position and defend well.

      • I agree wholeheartedly — maybe we could sneak in: “who isn’t injury prone” to that list as well! 🙂

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