The defining moments of the Vancouver Whitecaps 2011 season: part 1

November 13, 2011 at 9:40 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS, Whitecaps Season 2011 | 2 Comments

The Whitecaps reborn: Kick-off 2011 v TFC

God I miss the Whitecaps.

It has only been a matter of weeks since the season is over and I am already in withdrawal.  I suppose going to support my local football team is a part of the very fibre of my being, and when the season is over, something is missing from my life.  I will have to entertain myself with overseas football until March of 2012,  when I can start using my Whitecaps season ticket again.

The defining fact of this year  has been the powerful reemergence of the Vancouver Whitecaps brand, which  climbed out of its cave where it had been hibernating for nearly 27 years.  The Vancouver Whitecaps were only a memory from 1984 until 2001, when then owner David Stadnyk decided to bring back the name.  The Whitecaps laboured away in relative obscurity in second division football for ten years after this.  Those of us who had the Whitecaps stamped on our consciousness from the 1974-1984 era longed for the Whitcaps to come back to where they were during that time.  This year they did just that.  For me this year was tremendously satisfying on a personal level; it was the fulfillment of many years of hopes and dreams.

The biggest story of the year and a defining moment of the 2011 season was simply the reemergence of the team to take its place alongside the Vancouver Canucks and the BC Lions as a team that the serious Vancouver sports fan was interested in.

I realised this in the last game against Colorado in BC Place when legions of Canucks fans left the Rogers Centre once the Canucks game was over and made their way over to BC Place to watch the Whitecaps.  This was unprecedented, and demonstrated to me that we have something big going on that will only get bigger once the Whitecaps field a team that is competitive in Major League Soccer.

The success of the Vancouver Whitecaps in the Vancouver sports market will only grow in my view, and watch for MLS to award an all-star game or an MLS final to Vancouver in the next five years, which will further cement our reputation as one of the strongest and most serious football franchises in Major League Soccer.

Even if this year was a bit of a bust and often a farce on the pitch, off of it the year was a tremendous success; the future is bursting with promise for Vancouver’s reborn team.



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  1. I miss the Whitecaps too. Still, I am quite content to watch my grandson play and develop into an excellent player, just as I did my son 30 years ago… he who I thoroughly enjoy watching now in the over 40’s league. So, still a lot of soccer to watch and be entertained by.

  2. Great comment, Dunc!

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