Will Colorado play it strongest team against the Whitecaps?

October 21, 2011 at 6:29 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2011 | 4 Comments

I cannot believe the Whitecaps first season in Major League Soccer will be over after tomorrow’s match.   It seems only yesterday that I was counting down the days to the first match with TFC.  I am looking forward to seeing the MLS champions Colorado tomorrow, but what squad will they play, given that they have already made the playoffs?  What is at stake is the wild card playoff games are single game eliminators played at the home ground of the teams with he best points total. Houston is level on points with Colorado, though below Colorado in goal difference. If Houston beats or ties LA with us beating Colorado this would mean Houston would steal a home elimination game from Colorado.  I hope this means Colorado will start their strongest team against us so we have a proper match.

What’s in it for the Whitecaps? If they win they will avoid the embarrassment of being the worst team in MLS, a title that currently is owned by the New England Revolution.   Sure, its small pickings, but at least we have some reason to cheer the team on other than our love of the team!



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  1. Actually there is another stat that is at stake. It is also in the “slim pickings” category but I think it is worth some bragging rights. In Toronto’s innagural season they got 6 wins and 7 ties in 30 games for 0.8333 points per game. We are sitting in 6 wins and 10 ties for 0.8235 points per game. If we tie we will have 0.8529, which is better than Toronto and if we win we will have 0.9118 and we will have one more win on the season. Is is as good as making the playoffs – no. Is it fun to pick on Toronto for always being worst than us – hell yes!!!!!

  2. Well as usual when the team has had a chance to “win” something …cascadia cup, “not worst team in league”, we find a way to lose. One bright side out of ten expansion teams we ranked 8th (better than Chivas and real salt lake) . So we are not the worst of all time however both those teams started from scratch (no established organization jumping to a new league). If you look those we finished dead last. Seattle. 2nd best expansion team, Portland 3rd best….hmmmmm

  3. Yes it is quite sad. Another bad thing is that we finished worse than any other Caps team in history. In 1974 we would have got 19 points from 20 games (using our current points system) for 0.95 points per game. We presently have 0.82 points per game. Every other year we have missed the playoffs (1975, 1994 & 1996) we have had more than 1.00 ppg. Yes, we have had a lot of legitimate excuses – injuries to key players, fluky bad weather at key moments, bizarre calls that have skewed the results of games, two coaches – one so bad he makes my head hurt – the other just lame. But it is not good enough. This team has talent enough talent on it to have had a much better record. The only saving grace is that we played some pretty nice soccer in about 85% of the games.

  4. Yes and to any excuse there is a single word answer “Portland”.

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