Vancouver Whitecaps return to B.C. Place

October 2, 2011 at 10:29 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2011 | 3 Comments

The Province of British Columbia has spent in excess of 500 million dollars to transform a white elephant into a jewel in the crown of British Columbia.  Lets hope it works.

The original BC Place was ill-concieved from the start.  BC Place was to host two summer league teams at the time, the NASL Whitecaps and CFL’s BC Lions. The architects put an inflatable domed roof on.  It was an unprecedented technological marvel at the time, but completely inappropriate for a sports stadium which hosted two summer league teams.

Why watch a summer sport inside?  This was what the planners of BC Place forgot to consider.  BC Place in its earlier incarnation was a terrible place to watch a sporting event.  The roof absorbed all of the crowd noise, and the air was stuffy and hot.  All technological marvels aside, it was effectively a white elephant once the Whitecaps folded in 1984 soon after the place was built.  It hosted 16 or so Lions games and was relegated to car, boat and other trade shows.  It was a disgrace and more recently, a dump.

Meanwhile, other sports teams were beginning to embrace the old fashioned outdoor park, especially in baseball.  Dammit, people wanted to sit outdoors in the summer spring and fall, not in a giant mouldy basement.  After all, the weather in Vancouver might be rainy, but it is not cold and snowy.

Here we are in 2011 and vast amounts of money have been spent to bring the moribund BC Place back to life with an open roof to let fresh air and natural light stream in.  It is what I have dreamed of for some time now.

Was it worth it to renovate BC Place?  In my view it was, and it had to be done, even though the sheer cost was an embarrassment in these hard times.  BC Place is a symbol of the Province and  a part of our history.  Letting it fall apart and rot was not an option.  Surely we are too good for that and have more pride than that in our province.

Now the Whitecaps are back and look like being a roaring success, BC Place will get a new tenant (for the next five years, at least) to bring new life to the old venue.

BC Place, after many years of sitting virtually empty for much of the year, can now take its place as a great sports venue. Today we Whitecaps fans get our first impression.

Let’s hope it is spectacular and in some way justifies the enormous cost.



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  1. Well great stadium..same result. The boys have given up even fat ass soehn sat on his fat ass all game as he was outcoached yet again. Camilo was the only guy who showed up to play. I’d keep him and hassli leave the rest on waivers for Montreal to draft.

  2. The game was a “stinker”…. no energy… and certainly no imagination. Thank God the roof was open to let the smell out. And Salinas “Man of the Game” , it was that bad…. he looks great running in open space with no one around… but the Timber defender had him ” in his pocket” all afternoon. Time for big changes.!

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