Vancouver Whitecaps fan groups need to improve

September 26, 2011 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2011 | 1 Comment

One thing became clear on Saturday night’s match against Seattle was the embarrassing contrast between Seattle’s small travelling group and our own fan support.  Not only were we outplayed on the pitch, but our fan support was clearly outplayed as well.  It is clear the Seattle Sounders fans were louder, better organized, and a better supporters group.  It is true the Sounders fan group has been at it for longer than ours, but letting the Sounders fans get away with murder like that in our ground is a shame on our city and our fan groups, who must get better organized and be more committed. It is not as though the Sounders fans had any special tricks: all they had was a drum and their voices. It is clear they are well rehearsed and have a captain who is capable of leading the group.

While our own fan groups started well,  making some good noise and some loud chants, the difference in organization,  volume and consistency of quality was easily noticeable.  I was sitting closer to the Sounders fan group, which perhaps explains some of my experience, but not all of it. The vast majority of singing and chanting I heard came from people wearing horrible green jerseys, not white and blue ones.

Is this something the club can do something about?  If there is, they ought to do it because we are a disappointing third in Cascadia for the organized fan group experience.  The team on the pitch is not the only team that is in last place…


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  1. Is Vancouver really a soccer city? 500+ Seattle fans making more noise (signing and chanting) than 20,000 Whitecaps fans. Come on Whitecaps fans. Show that Vancouver is a soccer city. Starting next week at B.C. Place against the Portland Timbers.

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