Welcome back Chris Franks!

September 15, 2011 at 8:12 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2011 | 1 Comment

Recently the Whitecaps signed Chris Franks as head therapist for the Residency program. He recently had a stint with the club as a physio in the USL-1 days and is back again to join the team in its first season in Major League Soccer.

This is another good example of keeping Whitecaps old boys involved with the club, and it is great stuff for us long time supporters of the Vancouver Whitecaps and Vancouver 86ers. Keeping the old boys with the club is good for the team because they understand what the club means and what it is all about.  I watched Chris Franks from the Southside of Swangard in his years with the club which were part with the 86ers and part with the Whitecaps.

Among the other positions he played, Chris was a superb sweeper who was one of the best passers of the ball from the back line the club has ever had. While Chris was not the most dominant defender, he was certainly no slouch. He had terrific ball skills which meant he could confidently dribble the team out of trouble from the back.

For a while we had both he and his brother, goalkeeper Mike Franks, playing together for the team. They were a formidable defensive combination and two of the most likeable players in the club’s history.

For a while Chris had a brief flirtation with the Montreal Impact, but what the hell, we will forgive him for that.  It was not for long and he came back home to play for us again after he recovered from a bad groin injury.

I have to say he was one of my favourite players in the history of the 86ers and the Whitecaps; he made was one of those players that made you be proud to support the team. To know that he is back with the club warms my heart.

Welcome back Chris Franks!

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  1. One thing I hope Chris helps us with is to inculcate a bit of the Caps history in the players. I hope that will avoid fiascos like the game in Portland where no one seemed to understand that it was no “just” another game.

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