Farewell Wes Knight

August 31, 2011 at 8:41 pm | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps | 2 Comments

Fantastic bloke...

Another one of Teitur Thordarson’s lads is on his way:  Wes Knight has been put on waivers by the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Wes has been a fine servant of the club since 2009 when he joined us.  I always was impressed by how very fit and strong a player he was.  He always gave a full effort for the team.  I always liked watching him and enjoyed having him in the squad.

I believe former coach Teitur Thordarson valued him because of his complete commitment and his terrific work ethic.

Before a shoulder injury put a stop to it, Wes had a fantastic long throw which he used on a regular basis back in the USL-1 days.

There is no doubt Wes found the step up to Major League Soccer to be a bit of a struggle in terms of the finer skills and speed which are necessary at that level.  In MLS a player needs to know where he is going with the ball before he gets it and be able to move the ball very quickly or risk losing it.

If there is one part of his game he could improve it is with the finer skills of the game, in terms of passing accuracy and killing the ball dead at his feet.  On some occasions he seemed to have feet of stone.  He needs to work on those fine ball skills and the speed with which he uses them. If Wes works on these finer skills there is no doubt he has a future in the MLS .

I feel this decision may turn out to be a mistake, because with his commitment and work ethic, I feel Wes Knight is going to be a solid MLS player one day.  Unfortunately it won’t be for us.

As a Whitecaps fan I want to thank Wes Knight for  playing with the pride and commitment we expect from our players. Wes was a noble servant of the club. All the best in the future, Wes!



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  1. Given the timing it doesn’t have make a lot of sense. The Caps don’t get anything out of it – as I understand it they still have to pay him until the end of the season & they can’t use him. Wes doesn’t get anything out of it – it doesn’t sound like he has anything new lined up yet. But then again I was just as mystified as to why they let Maloud Akloul go.

  2. I liked Wes. He wasn’t a star but he always gave his best for the club and the supporters. Always upbeat and energetic, we will miss him. Hope he leaves some of his energy for the rest of the players…

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