Spiritual woes hit Whitecaps

August 24, 2011 at 9:40 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2011 | 6 Comments

The experience of losing is starting to get to the Vancouver Whitecaps organization. When he was subbed off of the pitch in Portland towards the end of the match, Eric Hassli stalked off the pitch straight to the dressing room, leaving his teammates to sit by themselves on the bench. Hassli voted with his feet, even as we fans continue to flock to matches in droves. Chiumiento did not look well pleased either after he was subbed off two-thirds the way through the match. While Hassli apologized for his actions, he actually expressed in his actions what many of us are feeling.  Hassli’s actions indicate there are real problems in the dressing room and the organization as a whole.

Being outplayed by the other expansion team which is still within striking distance of the playoffs is very hard to take. For all of these years prior to the MLS,  going back to the NASL and USL days, we have almost always had a team which is better or at least very competitive with the Portland Timbers. They now sit eleven points ahead of us.

We are winning the competition to be the worst team in the MLS.  It is simply not good enough, and the season so far has proven that a number of our players are simply not meant to play in this league, and the man who picked and now coaches them has failed in his vision.

It is apparent the Whitecaps are having trouble attracting top players to join them.  All winter we heard rumours of Robbie Keane making his way here as a designated player, but he went to Los Angeles instead.  We got “Mustapha who?” a player who has looked distinctly mediocre thus far.

With the team and the whole organization in a bit of a funk, the whole Whitecaps organization had better get their heads straight for this weekend’s game against surging Houston who sit third in the Eastern Conference of the MLS on a whopping 35 points. Otherwise the fans may turn on the team and may vote with their feet as well!

A drubbing at home like the LA Galaxy match would be too much to take.



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  1. I hate to say it but I think my beloved Whitecaps will be on the wrong end of a painful butt whopping on Saturday. The rest of the season is a write off – I can not see us getting anything against the likes of LA (in LA), Colorado, Dallas, RSL, Seattle, etc. Out of the remaining games we might (optimistically) get 4 ties from the home games (losses against RSL & Colorado) and 0-3 in the road remaining road games. So 22 points for the season with 3 wins – 18 loses – 13 ties.

    Will the fans vote with their feet? Absolutely, I figure we will be very lucky to get 15,000 per game next year at the start.

    I have said it before but I think we have a lot of good players on the team so the picking is not the main problem. But a lot of those quality players have underperformed under 2 different coaches, innumerable line-up combinations, several radically different styles (“dump & run” under TT, possession oriented under TS, and now high risk soccer [play 3 at the back with an extra attacker] lately under TS). And now they know that Martin Rennie is getting video of all of the matches & probably the training sessions as well – and they still can not perform!!

  2. There are only 4-6 players on this roster of MLS quality. Rochat, Hassli, Chiumiento, Camilo, possibly Koffie considering his age, and possibly Salgado considering his age. I’m afraid the rest are just not good enough. I include Jay DeMerit in this group as he has been consistently underwhelming, even when not injured. The real problem is that we will not have any expansion draft bodies to bring in next year and will have to somehow attract competent South American and European players to this club. To date, there is no evidence that Barber and Soehn have any pulling prowess in that regard, and it should be interesting to see how Rennie enjoys having his squad arranged without his consultation. Interesting times. Where would we be without that Swiss league agent, Loic Favre?

  3. I think you are being a bit harsh on Jay. He has had a couple of mediocre/poor games this season but he has also had some outstanding games as well. If you factor in all of his injuries – which are hopefully at an end thanks to Rick Celebrini – I would give him another chance. There is another group of players that I would call the “Not quite ready for prime-time but might be next season or with the right coach”. I would put Boxall, Salinas, Kalfan, Thorrington, and Leathers. I would also put Jarju on the list of player to keep simply because we have not seen him fit and used properly. I think we have not seen even a fraction of what he can do because TS insists on playing him as a forward when we are knee deep in good forwards. If he is played in centre-mid he (as he does for his national team) could work well as a provider. He certainly seems to have great positional awareness and a good “soccer brain”.

  4. I agree with Larry at best a handful would be on another MLS team bench or otherwise (rochat,hassli,chiuimento,koffie ) jarju I will give him a chance as my gut says he is good. My gut equally tells me Salgado is the Doug wickenieser of MLS so I leave him off as well as glass groin Demerit. Guys who would start elsewhere in MLS? Two – Rochat, Hassli. Now if you take away the Swiss agent …then you have Soehns mess …as for attracting people I think they should worry about keeping hassli and rochat..I can see them both requesting a transfer back to Europe.

  5. Ps I would add Atiba Harris and camilo to the list. So for next year keep hassli, rochat, chiumento,camilo,koffie,Harris, jarju. Keep salgado to save face,teibert for Canada..Nine. the remaining are unprotected and we let rennie start from these nine. My opinion of course.

  6. I just hope that we don’t got down the route of Toronto, with a ever revolving cast of plays that never stay together long enough to build cohesion. I think DeMeritt’s injury days are a thing of the past given his new way of strengthening his core body. I think that Hassli and Rochat (particularly Hassli) are very, very unlikely to request a transfer. Partially because they have signed 3-4 year contracts and also partially because they love it here. Here they are stars, back in Europe they are anonymous journeymen.

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