Japanese Tigers win Women’s World Cup

July 17, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Posted in World Cup Memories | 3 Comments

Today the Japanese women’s team won the Women’s World cup in a manner which reaffirmed the beauty and power of sport.  This team of underdogs fought like tigers to defeat supposedly superior teams which were predicted to beat them.  They did it through skill but also with sheer determination. Today they beat a United States team on penalty kicks after a 2-2- draw through extra time. The American team was technically superior, but they could not stop the spirit of this extraordinary Japanese team.

I could not believe what was happening before my eyes as Japan came back after being down a goal twice.  I had counted them out of it twice but they came back.  The second goal to tie it up in extra time was a superb effort from Homare Sawa off of a corner kick.  She flicked the ball on at the near post in a deft manner to confound the American defenders and their superb goalkeeper Hope Solo.  It was the goal of a master footballer, who was awarded with the player of the tournament and the golden boot for the most goals scored.

No doubt this will give poor Japan something to celebrate after the terrible natural and nuclear disasters which have shaken that nation to its very core.  It was very touching that the players carried a banner after the match thanking the world for its support after the disasters. Apparently the Japanese coach showed footage of the players of the disasters back home to inspire them to win the final.  No doubt they have inspired their nation.

The quality of women’s soccer has grown exponentially.  This World Cup saw some fantastic goals and football which swept away the distinction between men’s and women’s football.  This was good football, period.

For the Canadian team, this World Cup was a sobering exercise.  We have fallen behind because others nations have developed their women’s football at a faster pace than we have. The performance of the Canadian Women’s team was simply not good enough.  We must improve or we will embarrass ourselves as hosts in 2015. Time to bring back the spirit of Vancouver 2010.  The Olympic model we used for Canada’s extraordinary success in Vancouver 2010 should be brought to the Women’s soccer team.  Lets go for gold in 2015!



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  1. A great game, The USA used up all of its luck in the semi against France. Congratulations Japan!

  2. What are the odds of Japan’s woman’s national soccer team to win another World Cup in 2015?

    • I would say the odds are against a repeat. It is hard to re-create that kind of team spirit second time, and remember they were underdogs. If Sawa can still play in 2015 I’d say their odds would be more favourable.

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