Sad to see Dunfield go

July 15, 2011 at 12:36 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2011 | Leave a comment

What a crying shame.

The only local boy who played for the Whitecaps has been traded to Toronto Football Club. Our loss is their gain I am afraid. Though Terry has not been at his best of late and his confidence seems to be at a low ebb, I attribute this to the fact that Terry was Thordarson’s man, and when Teitur was fired and Soehn took over, he was not so enamoured with Terry Dunfield. Soehn preferred his man Vagenas, and I for one cannot figure out why. Vagenas stays rooted to virtualy the same spot, has very little speed and mobility and is only capable of making short passes. Dunfield was all over the pitch , running like a madman, trying to create and score goals. Terry has heart.

Alas, number 7 is gone...

If I was asked honestly was Terrry Dunfield a player who was going to take our team to the next level, I would have to say no.  Recently he has tended to give the ball away, which is something you don’t want your midfielders to do.  He is a solid player who could do a good job, and occasionally do it very well. There is no doubt he could not be numbered among the best midfielders in the MLS, but he is a solid squad player who worked hit ass off for the team.

Farewell Taz!

I for one, will remember Terry with good memories. He scored a fantastic goal on matchday one in the new Whitecaps era, and I will not forget the look of happiness on his face when he scored that goal.  That is a great memory for me.

I can only wish him the best of luck and thank the man for playing in a Whitecaps jersey. He did the jersey and the city of Vancouver proud.  It is sad he will be toiling away for a rival from now on and not for us.


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