Dear Vancouver Whitecaps: What happened to “White is the Colour”?

April 30, 2011 at 1:10 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS, Whitecaps Season 2011 | 5 Comments

[Note from the Editor: the Whitecaps began playing “White is the Colour” at the beginning of the 2013 season before matches:welcome back!]

Those of you with any memory or appreciation of the history of the Vancouver Whitecaps will remember the 1979 anthem, recorded by the players of the Vancouver Whitecaps called “White is the Colour”. When the Whitecaps were on their journey to the 1979 Soccer Bowl and thereafter, the song became a huge local radio hit and was stamped on the collective soul of the city of Vancouver. In the Whitecaps second era, back in 2002 or so, the Proclaimers did a cover of the song (here is the Proclaimer’s version:

When the Whitecaps went into Major League Soccer, there was a certain contingent within the Whitecaps front office who decided (wrongly in my view) to depart from certain traditions of the Vancouver Whitecaps. They decided to chuck out the Whitecaps uniform and logo (a classic and original design in world football) and replaced it with our current uniform which is like the cheap gym kit that you buy off of the sale rack at Sportchek (but much more expensive!).

They also decided to get a new song and chuck “White is the Colour” away.

“A new song?” you ask?  “I’ve never heard it”, you might say. If you have been to a Whitecaps game recently, the team’s new song is supposedly a kind of hip-hop anthem which is played when the players make their way out on to the pitch. Still confused? How about if I described it as a funeral dirge which accompanies the players as they come out?  Yes, that one!

Whenever I hear the new anthem I take my hat off and bow my head to show respect for the dead.

The new anthem is exceptionally poor and is no substitute for “White is the Colour”, which is an uplifting bouncy British pub song which was borrowed from Chelsea FC (Here is the old Chelsea version: It is a humorous toe-tapping number which people love to sing along to. It is infinitely superior to the new “anthem”, as it is called.

The new anthem is a complete failure.  If the Whitecaps want to get people going for the match, just play “White is the Colour” as the players come out and then I can guarantee you will hear the fans singing.



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  1. I have the 45 of white is the color. Good team photo on the sleeve. Original kit from Admiral. Red with white/black trim. Chris

    • I’ve got it too! The b-side is another great tune the name of which escapes me “going high high high, not low low low” … “To the top top top cause nothing else will do, cause after all we do it all for you” or something to that effect…

  2. Good question!

  3. I actually like the new anthem as a song but not as the anthem. I think that white is the color was a better anthem.

  4. “White is the Colour” is a happy song. Bright and cheerful, it gets everyone into a good mood. The new “anthem” is a paen to seriousness and sounds like the portending of doom, hardly the stuff of soccer fans. It sounds as if it was written by actuaries for a convention of funeral directors. Enough I say.

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