Whitecapsfanblog announces partnership with Vanfield

April 16, 2011 at 4:00 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2011 | 3 Comments

I am happy to announce an alliance with Vanfield and the 202 South West FB Crew.  Vanfield is a great soccer store run by a fine fellow named Chris Cole who has been outfitting my family with everything from football boots to goalkeeper gloves to old guy walking shoes for years now out of his Kerrisdale location.  Chris has created a wonderful mini museum of Liverpool FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps in that store.  If you can go you can see photos of Chris with Liverpool legends Michael Owen and Phil Thompson.

Chris has satisfied my fetish for the Adidas Copa Mundial and Adidas World Cup for years, most recently kitting me out in some lovely blue Adidas Profi boots.   He has been selling Whitecaps shirts for a long time now and his group have been pioneers in bringing proper football support to the Vancouver 86ers and the Whitecaps. You can see the link to his store in my blog roll below to the right.

I stood with the FB crew for at least 10 years in the South West of the Southside at Swangard. This terrific group of knowledgeable football supporters includes Chris, his wonderful wife Karen, Karen’s dad, Karen’s mum, Sparky, Sparky’s Dad, Sparky’s Mum, Kevin, Chad, Patrick, Wolfgang, Ewan and numerous other notorious folk whose names escape me.   The FB Crew got a kick out of my dear old dad and always treated him well.  Like myself, the FB Crew has always been a bit at odds with the mainstream Southsiders mob, which is too gauche for our sophisticated football tastes.

The only odd thing about this bunch is their bizarre tendency to support Liverpool FC  when there are perfectly decent teams available to support like West Ham United.  As they say, there is no accounting for taste.  At least we agree on supporting the Whitecaps with all of our hearts.

There is no doubt this partnership, which encompasses mutual cooperation in all aspects of football life and endeavours, will bring benefits (bags of cash) to all parties.

Let the partnership begin!



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  1. You’ve abandoned the cause!

    Sell out.

    • My cause IS abandoning the cause, therefore I have NOT abandoned the cause……

  2. What the hell is this ‘dear old dad’ bit? I’m not old yet, although I am aging. I do like the ‘dear’ bit though…

    All the best to both, two great entities, long may you flourish!


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