Whitecaps old Boys perform well in MLS

March 22, 2011 at 3:48 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2011 | 3 Comments

For the last few division 2 seasons we fans in the Southside would all speculate about which, if any, of the Whitecaps would survive the jump to Major League Soccer.  At times we thought to whole team would be laid off and a whole new bunch brought in.  Thankfully, that scenario did not play out.

It was nice to see the number of Whitecaps who made the step up from Division two into Major League Soccer. Davide Chiumiento, Terry Dunfield, Wes Knight, Gershon Koffie, Nizar Khalfan, Russell Teibert  and Jay Nolly all played key roles in Saturday’s historic victory against Toronto Football Club.

In particular, Dunfield and Koffie played superb games in central midfield.  I will admit that when I looked at the Whitecaps midfield on Saturday just before kickoff, all of whom figured for us in last year’s division 2 football, I had a pang of anxiety which told me our midfield looked small and weak.  How wrong I was.

Dunfield and Koffie were superb in central midfield.  They tackled well, were composed on the ball, and made superb runs (One of which ended up in a goal for Dunfield).  Chiumiento and Teibert were terrors on the flanks, and Chiumiento in particular was superb and made both of Vancouver’s first half goals.

When Teibert and Chiumiento went off due to injury, Wes Knight and Nizar Khalfan performed very well indeed.  Wes Knight, who I think has struggled a bit to make the step up simply because of his lack of professional experience, performed very well and created Hassli’s second goal, the fourth of the match, through an excellent solo run into TFC territory.

Retaining these Whitecaps old boys has given the team some depth. Manager Teitur Thordarson has the advantage of knowing these players well and how to use them in a match. The players know how Teitur wants them to play.   Thordarson must be complimented in preparing his players mentally for the match. The physical preparation might be questioned because two young players, Chiumiento and Teibert, both left the pitch with hamstring injuries. Lets hope they are not too seriously injured. Had Chiumiento not created those first two goals, the match result might have been different. Lets hope they recover soon.

As a long time fan, it is especially satisfying to see the Whitecaps old boys perform so well on the bigger stage.  The good thing is most of these players are young and will only get better in the years to come.



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  1. Very happy to see the Whitecaps have a successful MLS debut.

  2. Good show guys!Please remember that not everyone from that grandstand was mute. You wrote that on the march form Oscars you did not recognize anyone. Well the 5K in Swangard has become 20+K so we also have new friends to live with.

    • Sorry, I didn’t write about the March from Oscars…

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