Whitecaps Countdown a Success

February 26, 2011 at 6:56 pm | Posted in Major League Soccer, Vancouver Whitecaps In MLS | 2 Comments

I must say the Whitecaps have been doing a great job with their kickoff countdown on their website.  Every day they have been doing a video counting the days to kickoff on March 19.  Today’s was a visit to Fratelli’s bakery on Commercial Drive, one of the Drive’s great institutions.  

Carl Valentine, one of the heroes of 1979, seems to be relishing his new role with the club, and I have to say I am delighted he is back with the Whitecaps and having the fun he deserves to have.  I hope the team continues to nurture its relationship with the heroes of 79.  Lets get them back into town to participate in the rebirth of our team at the top level.  

The daily countdown features have been well produced, humourous and dare, I say it, very emotional as well.  For me the Vancouver Whitecaps are my favorite Vancouver institution.  Like Barcelona FC, the Vancouver Whitecaps are more than just a club.   The fact it will become celebrated again in this city is the stuff I have been dreaming about since 1984 when the team met its terrible demise.   Again, all thanks must go to Greg Kerfoot and Bob Lenarduzzi for saving the Vancouver Whitecaps back in 2001. 

The Phoenix is about to rise from the ashes!  I must say I am really getting  into a celebratory mood. 

The Vancouver Whitecaps are coming back to take the position they deserve in this city.



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  1. Rather than just the web content, I’d like to see more presence in the community — like promotional events at major shopping malls, including autograph sessions, “meet the players”, etc. There’s still a “distance gap” between the team and the public that’s not being closed. The team can send out hundreds of youtube clips, but they’re nowhere near as effective as meeting the players/coaches in person.

    Even in youth soccer, which should be a slam dunk, the only promo to date is for reduced-rate tickets. This is a great step, but an even more effective marketing vehichle would have involved a chance to meet the Whitecaps.

    • I agree with you RR. One of the down sides to getting bigger is more of a distance between the players and fans. At Swangard we were used to being able to shake the player’s hands and get a chat with them every now and then. You are right, nothing can replace the personal touch!

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